7 Ways To Increase Your Testosterone Naturally: Think Clearer, be Stronger, Feel Better

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body. It builds strength, increases creativity, and makes you feel like a super hero. Here are seven simple things you can do to boost your testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body. Besides from its well known strength building abilities, an increase in testosterone has also been shown to increase creative thinking, boost energy levels, and reduce stress. Here are 7 simple things, you can do right now, to boost your testosterone levels.

Train for Strength Instead of Endurance

Next time you work out skip the 45 minute fat burning session on the elliptical. Instead fill in that time with exercises that will build muscle. Be it lifting free weights, machine assisted resistance training, or even going for a more intense 20 min of interval training on the elliptical, you need to make sure your muscles can feel it the next morning. Pushing your muscles to their limit safely damages them. Your body will release testosterone in order to rebuild the damaged muscles. This testosterone boost is far greater than anything you will receive from any other life style change.

Eat Lots of Real Meat

Protein drinks and powders have become common place among body builders and athletes throughout the world. Although these powders provide a good quality, fast absorbing protein source, they lack the many minerals and essential fats that are available in real meat. I would limit my protein isolate intake to ¼ of my total protein intake, and only right after workouts when my body needs the fast absorbing protein the most. I would make up the rest of my protein needs with lean chicken breast, fish fillets, and good quality lean red meat.

Don’t Limit Your Cholesterol Intake

Cholesterol gets a bad rap these days because of its artery clogging affects. The truth is that the amount of cholesterol you have to eat to raise your overall cholesterol levels is a very large amount. Eating egg yolks in the morning will not hurt you at all. In fact, because testosterone is produced from cholesterol, eating the occasional steak will benefit your overall health.

Cut the Alcohol

Drinking heavily is the worst way to reduce your testosterone levels. Firstly it dehydrates you body. In this environment your body is no longer interested in rebuilding muscle cells, instead it is more interested on taking water out of your muscles to feed your more vital organs, this is why you feel so weak when you are hung over. To do this your body has to cut back on testosterone levels. Also the empty calories found in alcoholic beverages force you body to increase estrogen levels and decrease testosterone levels in order to convert these calories to fat and store them in your body.

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  1. I have been working out for years and I just read some of these earlier this year, and they really do make a difference, especially the alcohol one

  2. I’ve heard that oysters can also increase your testosterone

  3. Great points. As a competitive powerlifter, I’m always looking for ways to improve my performance in the gym.

    -Ken Gack

  4. i’ve tried those 7 ways before, and the results are really amazing.

  5. i’m going to try this for a couple weeks and see if i can feel the changes

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    I am about to complete a 3 month cycle next week…its been a great experience

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