Women who drink excessively are at risk of severe health issues,including heart disease and cancer.

Marketing wizards abroad have been actively wooing women in their alcohol campaignes- a pink beer that promises not to give you a beer bely was recently launched in the UK.Closer home,women know their Cabernets form their Chiantis and what exactly goes in their favorite cocktail.And though all this may appear to be very Sex.And The City,the ugly side of alcohol appears when the party’s over.

The trigger

In women alcoholism can be triggered by an emotional crisis like a breakup,divorce or loss of loved one.Women can also get unknowingly addicted to alcohol for reasons as banal as boredom or livnig alone.A doctor says: that when you lose control,when your regular was two drinks and now you don’t think mush of having four,it’s sign to sit up and take notice.It’s now a known fact that drinking heavily causes changes in neurons and brain functions and leads to serious problems like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Getting help

The first and hardest step is admitting the problem.Most alcoholics are functioning alcoholics-ie,people with an addition who can still function normally on a daily basis- and refuse to acknowledge their problem.Once they do agree  to seek help,treatment involves ling term counselling and preventing a relaspse through medication.Support groups,hobbies and yoga are essential to fill the void that giving up alcohol creates and to sucessfully beat the addition in the long term.

What the numbers say

Who reports show that in India,less than 5 per cent of women have alcohol regularly.While this number isn’t high,what’s alarming is that more than 50 percent of that 5 percent of women have hazardous patterns of drinking,putting them at risk of alcoholism-related issues.Another study conducted by NIMHANS<sponsored by WHO,shows that 94.5 percent of women identified their husband’s alcohol consumption a a risk factor in incidents of domestic violence.

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