An Apologetic Letter to My Health

I failed to take good care, but challenged my health. This led to a mini operation and a long road to recovery. My wound is still waiting to close up.

(A corner of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, photo taken by the author)

Dear Mr. Health,

I had never sent a letter to you before. Hope you don’t mind receiving my letter at the critical moment and also it is not too late to send you my regrets. I am sorry for my stupidity that makes you disappointed and suffered tremendously.

I shouldn’t let the tiny vampire, Mr. Mosquito, kiss me. He is a villain who may or may not spread disease, but definitely make people itchy.

I shouldn’t scratch the left thigh that got the kisses. I enlarged the openings and posted great threat to you. That’s why the malicious bacteria could get into my body and attacked you aggressively.

Since I was too ignorant of the potential risks, this induced a severe inflammation and I gave you this great blow all of a sudden. Two drugs failed to heal and they made the situation worse by causing allergy. Hope the third drug didn’t come too late. The war between you and the bacteria was tough. Though the third drug worked, it might not work well enough. You were weaker day by day.

I was really careless in handling the itch and so, I was guilty to invite avoidable challenge to you and eventually brought forth a big crisis. When the first drug failed, I was so naive to think that by cutting off the inflamed tissue from the body, I had done a big favor to you and so you must be able to heal fast.

The mini operation cleared the major obstacle for healing indeed. But to expect you close up the wound fast, I was quite unreasonable. Obviously, I always over-estimated your strength as if it was unbeatable. This denoted an absolute poor understanding and inconsideration to you. I overlooked the fact that you had already been exhausted by the fierce battle against the bacteria.

I forced you to work harder and overtime to clear the mess I created. This lasted for almost a month and would go on as the road to my full recovery is extraordinary long this time. I know you are tired out since I dozed off more often in a day. I am sorry to make you suffered so much. It is a shame that I don’t know what else I can do to back you up more, but keep asking favors from you.

Please accept my sincere apology and do not forsake me. I desperately need your support and help. Believe me: I learned a big lesson. I promise I will take good care and cherish you more than ever.

Best Regards,


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  1. Wish you a very speedy recovery, we at Triond are waiting for you, now give a big s m i l e…

  2. Linda, I hope your body is able to forgive you so you can both continue on for a long life together. Hugs to you!

  3. Oh dear, Linda, make me worry, hope you will get well soon.
    Despite of this, you still continue to support my posts, thanks so much, rest well, don’t rush into reading and writing if you feel tired, though I will miss your absence, take good care of your health, keep us updated.
    Hugs to you. Keep in contact.

  4. Linda, God speed. Here’s a new teddy to watch over you.

  5. This apology opened my eyes to handle my own health better! Thanks Linda!

  6. miss your presence… sorry, said wrongly… but you know it, lol.

  7. 2 yrs ago, I had a minor surgery on my left calf to remove a cyst by an 80yrs old doctor and healed, before that I seen 2 doctors separately who diagnosed them wrongly as wart, before that there was a lump which I peeled and it did not go off and i thought it was corn, bought corn removal plasters from medical shop, but I was allergic to the plasters and was so itched and I scratched and caused the skin to be broken and worsen the condition, the 2 doctors only help in the healing of the itch,but the lump remain till I seen the 80 yrs old family doctor who was more experienced. So, sometimes also depend on our luck and carefulness in treating our problem. When you do it the right way, things will be fine. I hope you recover soon, Linda.

  8. Thank you for sharing, I hope you are well, best wishes, Chris.

  9. Linda, Please take care of yourself and get well soon.
    Heartfelt letter.

  10. You also taught others a lesson on how they should take care of their health. Who would have thought that scratching an itchy mosquito bite would land them in severe trouble!

  11. Great letter. It makes us pay more attention to our health

  12. get well soon.

  13. Hope you get well soon.

  14. Was wondering why we hadn’t heard from you! Get well soon and don’t do it again <3

  15. I hope your body is able to forgive you so you can both continue on for a long life together. Hugs to you!

  16. revisit :

    haha, “lonelyplanet” copied and pasted someone’s comment above again, why he/she never select mine? (jackpot), lol.

  17. Hope you have recover fast Linda. Thanks for sharing this post.

  18. sorry about the “haha”, when you are in pain.
    Take extra care. Rest well and for the diet, seek opinion from expert what to avoid if necessary.

  19. Thank you for all your comments. My next visit to wound care will be next Monday (30th of July). Hope I can fully recover at that time.

  20. A brilliant article and I now look forward to so many more by you.

  21. Linda, I hope your body is able to forgive you so you can both continue on for a long life together. Hugs to you!

  22. I dropped by again on this Linda! Thanks!

  23. Well written. Thank you.

  24. Linda, I’m glad you’re better.

  25. I visted this again!

  26. Get well soon my friend

  27. Keep spirit Linda

  28. very nice write

  29. I’m glad you’re better, Linda

  30. This letter is very good to remind you to always maintain a healthy life.

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