Analysing “Smokers Out Today, But Who’ll be Next”, Newspaper Article

Analyse how Ann Gleeson is persuasive in the article "Smokers Out Today, But Who’ll Be Next"
Year 10 Language Analysis Week 3, Term 1, 2012.

Ann Gleeson of Dromana has clearly defined who is she and why she is the best person to write about the injustice of banning smokers smoking in public places. Ann Gleeson, probably a smoker, clearly expresses her views on the subject.

She starts off her letter with the sentence “Anti-smokers are killing smokers’ social life, our social standing in the community and our right to freedom.” This sentence immediately leaves readers in guilt. With this first sentence, readers are already beginning to understand that smokers’ freedoms are being taken away from them, that there are restrictions in their lives. Besides guilt, readers will also feel sympathetic towards smokers. Australians value a free country. A free country should be just and equal in the way they treat their people, including smokers.

Ann Gleeson is pointedly accusing society for the amount of smokers there are. She writes to say that society, through its many methods (i.e. advertisements, popularity), have been the cause of people starting to smoke. Of course, once one starts smoking, it becomes an addiction. It is hard to quit. Smokers blame society that it was their choice to smoke, therefore it’s not their fault and that they should not be the outcasts of this unfair treatment.

Ann also tells her readers that smoking is not the worst. There are “many forms of human behaviour [that] are offensive and detrimental to others”.  She uses the example of drinkers. She is proving that smoking does not cause as much harm to others when compared drinking, for example. Smokers are clearheaded and not drugged by alcoholic beverages, therefore, reducing the risk of them ending up in alcohol-fuelled violence and accidents.

Ann’s conclusion is a warning to her readers. She warns them to be strong and stand up for what they believe. They should not allow themselves to be swayed easily. She warns us to watch out for the things that society is trying to sell out to us. This drives home the point that anti-smokers should not interfere with the lives of smokers. Smokers should be treated fairly and justly. Just like all other citizens, they also have human rights.

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