Bad Habits

Humans have bad habits and I can say I am one of them.

Why is it that humans are so set on self destruction. It if isn’t about weight, smoking, drugs, alcohol then there is always something ells we can find. It seems like we quit one bad habit for another bad habit. Why can’t we just pick up a good habit and stick to it? Why because humans are flawed. 

For myself I have a weight issue. I have dealt with it my whole life because I eat every stressful issue in my life away. My emotions go up or down and food is there to ease my pain. I lived in my own dream world for so long that I didn’t care for reality much. I got bigger and bigger the more I stayed in my room only to come out when I had to go to school or work. This went on for so long that I got to the point where my feet hurt every morning when I got out of bed. 

I did fix my weight issue for a while when my motivations were set on a guy I liked. My weight went down and my happiness went up. I ended up dating the guy which then I suddenly started to eat again. Originally when I started to loose weight the first time around I did smoke. Smoking helped a lot specially since I liked to eat my emotions away, but unfortunately smoking is extremely bad for you.

So I ended up quitting smoking but I am back at my weight issue. I have for a while been having issues. My throat hurts then my neck has been hurting and so forth and so on. It seems like an never ending battle with things going wrong. I keep thinking that my weight has something to do with it all, but I need help on trying to get back on track. Unfortunately it is summer and I can’t sleep well and my schedule is whacked. I live with my parent’s so there is no air conditioner. This doesn’t help my issue at all and I can barely tolerate summer. 

Not only with no air conditioner and gaining weight I drank a lot more all of a sudden. Every time I just didn’t want to feel I would pick up a beer. See what I mean about human self destruction. We can’t help it! Myself included can not help but pick up a bad habit after another bad habit. 

So now I am stuck feeling miserable and gaining weight. The clue is to find that medium that can help put ones self back into shape with out killing your body. 

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  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh yes, thank you very much

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