Bath Salts – Drugs Still Legal Causing The Recent Zombie Attack in Miami

Bath salts have been claimed to be a very dangerous drug, especially after the Zombie attack case that happened last Saturday in Miami, as bath salts were the season for the incident.

 Bath salts have been claimed to be a very dangerous drug, especially after the Zombie attack case that happened last Saturday in Miami, as bath salts were the season for the incident.

  Yes, these bath salts work like cocaine and this drug was freely used in the United States of America. Bath salts are claimed to be very dangerous as recently due to the use of these bath salt, a man even killed a man and chewed and ate his face due to the hazardous effect of the bath salt drugs.

     These bath salts are synthetic drugs that have become very dangerous in usage since few years, specially after the case of the homeless man killing under the effect of bath salts in Miami. Steps are been taken to make the usage of these bath salts illegal.

English: A box of bath salts with some of the contents spilled beside it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

            Baths salts are easily available, are cheap and the drug in the bath salt contains various chemicals like methylone and mephedrone which was banned in the US last year. These bath salts can be availed with ease by ordering it online which comes under various brand names like Zoom and Could Nine. A pack of bath salts weighting 50 milligrams costs in between $25 to $ 50.

                 Police after studying various cases tell that this drug, bath salts causes effect to human that make the violent and unpredictable. The case in May 26, in Miami, when the homeless guy in the effect of bath salt killed a man and was chewing his face in day light in the main road that the police was forced to shoot him.

      One can even refer to July 2010 case, when Carey Shane Padgett under the effect of bath salt beat his friend till his death. Later after investigation was found out that he was under the effect of bath salt and marijuana. There have been so many other cases also which has caused great problems due to the drug effect of bath salts with the recent Miami case.

     What do you think, should bath salts be legalised or made illegal? Please leave your opinion on this on the comment below and you may also share this article on social networking site for more awareness.

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  1. ….and people wonder how and why users find a way…

  2. Wow I heard something about the FL case one the news. I did not know the cause. Thanks for the article

  3. A new zombie fix…

  4. Eeek, I read about the attack but I didn’t know it had to do with bath salts. Better get those off the market.

  5. that sounds scary

  6. @momofplenty
    yes people always find ways to misuse and now misuse of bath salts causing so much problems

  7. @will dee
    happy to keep you informed mate. This zombie case due to bath salts have become a breaking news all over the world

  8. @marquis de joker
    it indeed definately is :)

  9. @ruby hawk
    yes ruby. The main cause of this attack by human turning into zombie like creatures is because of the effect of bath salts.

  10. @sunjhini
    yes buddy. Its a scary news and I guess if this bath salts are not banned, it would create more scary news in the future so hope it gets banned soon

  11. Gosh! Thanks God I shower -faster and more environmentally friendly. Good share!

  12. People have bumped their heads. They are willing to do anything. Thanks for sharing this.

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    its not that bath salt for your bathing tub. Its kinda different lol

  14. @tiki33
    yes. Its a very sad thing

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