Effective ways to eradicate it.

In some cultures, a belch every after meal is traditionally considered as a compliment to the cook. In most Western countries, belching is some sort of breach of manners.

When babies burp, it’s certainly a satisfying sound to a mother who has been tapping the baby’s back. Children do belch too thinking it’s a funny game. But sometimes, the competition goes more noisily intense. Over the times, such child’s game can turn into a habit of frequent and unconscious belching.

Aerophagia is the medical term for repetitive belching. You probably have endured the embarrassment of an unexpected outburst at precisely the most inelegant moment. Nevertheless, your habit can easily be broken if you become aware when and how you swallow air and hopefully stop doing it again. Here’s how:

Stifle it

Some people force themselves to belch for it provides temporary relief. They are called chronic belchers. A chronic belcher intently pushes the air to the mouth and through the esophagus to achieve such sound. Therefore, if you are a chronic belcher, you have to put a conscious effort to squelch the belch.


Don’t smoke or chew gum

Here is another reason to quit smoking. You are actually taking excessive amounts of air while inhaling cigarettes, pipes or cigars. If you think chewing gum or sucking on hard candy can help you kick off the habit, then think again as doing so induces belching too.

Mind you manners

Remember when you’re young, your mother or elders told you not to talk when your mouth is full. This habit only allows the air into the mouth which is then swallowed together with the food. Moreover, it’s quite an unappealing behaviour.

Eat slowly

People who swallow down both food and beverages are swallowing air at the same time. The stomach is being too crowded and has too much to digest. That then can cause gaseous build up.


Stress often leads you to sigh. That exactly increases the amount of air you are taking. With that, you have to put more effort to relax because you will only complicate your stress with stomach gas.

Don’t catch cold

Colds bring along postnasal drip which probably makes you breath through your mouth. Therefore, clear your nose and whenever possible, never catch a cold.

Avoid bubbly beverages

 Drinking carbonated drinks such as beers and cola creates air in the stomach. Nevertheless, drinking carbonated drink occasionally won’t cause too much problem.

Never use straw

Drinking through a straw only increases the amount of air you can swallow.

Those are the things which you can follow to avoid unexpected belching. Just try and consciously follow and you’ll get rid of it.

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  1. Interesting

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    So reduce the amount of air mixed in with your food.

  3. Interesting how different cultures look at things.

  4. nice tips

  5. If I understand it right at the time of Henry VIII it was rude not to belch to show satisfaction of a good meal

  6. very informative. thanks for sharing
    buti nalang bawal and chewing gum dito :)

  7. :) I prefer to let it out, feels better

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  9. burping can also be a sign of ulcers

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