Cabergoline – a Treatment for Alcoholism?

Cabergoline Marketed As Dostinex and Cabaser May Be A Treatment Option For Alcoholism. A University of California Study indicates that the drug Cabergoline decreased alcohol intake and other addictive behaviors.

Cabergoline Marketed As Dostinex and Cabaser May Be A Treatment Option For Alcoholism

The investigators on this particular study were testing the drug Cabergoline on mice who had been addicted to alcohol and noticed that the cabergoline intake decreased their alcohol intake and reduced their addictive behavior. The Cabergoline injected mice also displayed behavior that they were less likely to experience a relapse. This is potentially a large discovery in the addiction behavior field.

The Biological Psychology Journal stated that Principal Investigator Dorit Ron, PhD, at the Gallo Center and associate professor of neurology at University of California San Francisco, who also led the study, said, “This is encouraging, because it demonstrates that cabergoline is specific for alcohol, but does not affect general reward or pleasure. One of the problems with some existing drugs to treat alcoholism is a side effect that decreases pleasure, making compliance an obstacle to sobriety.” Cabergoline looks like it could be a real option to treat alcoholics. Will this get into human testing?

The pill form of Cabergoline drug has been FDA approved for use in conditions caused by the body producing excess hormone prolactin aka prolactinoma. Cabergoline also known as Dostinex increased the body’s production of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDFN). Earlier findings of Ron and her colleagues had revealed that GDFN, when injected directly in the brain region linked to drug-seeking behavior, reduced the desire for alcohol in mice that were addicted to alcohol. We hope to see future studies using Cabergoline to curb addiction on other drugs.

In the current study, rats were trained to press a lever to obtain alcohol. Once injected with the cabergoline, the test rats were less likely to use the lever. It was also found to be beneficial for reducing relapse which is usually a severe problem faced by recovering alcoholics.

Cabergoline renews hope for treating alcohol addicts, however the conduction of human clinical trials are recommended before this drug can be safely prescribed. We will keep our readers informed of any progress regarding the use of Cabergoline as a treatment for human alcoholics.

Is it possible that Cabergoline aka Dostinex or Cabaser could be a treatment for other drug addictions?

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