Can You Overdose on Weed?

Can you OD on weed.

I call it an overdose but its not a bunch of chemicals like heroin or coke or anything else, its a plant and has no toxic substances so you cant physically overdose on it. All that an overdose on THC (the chemicals in cannabis) would do is make you go to sleep or be too stoned to move or speak to anyone (commonly known as whitey). You cant die from an overdose of weed neither can you go in a coma, it wont damage any organs and the whitey effects will last up to 12 hours (at its worst). The amount of weed you would have to consume to get anything seriously close to a death or a coma would be like taking 1lb of hydro bud in about 4 hours. You would lose conciounsness by the time you take a tenth of the THC needed.

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  1. weed is cool.

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