Chest Workout

Pump those pecks!!

So you’ve got abs going, you’ve got the biceps, yet you look in the mirror and find a disturbing lack of chest muscle. No longer! Several options are given in this paper to ensure that you gain the pecks you’ve always wanted.

The first and easiest thing for you to do that I GUARANTEE will work over a few months is simply two hundred pushups a day. Ten sets of twenty, eight sets of twenty five, twenty sets of ten, however you want to break it up, I have multiple friends who have followed this workout and all of them seem to have gotten the best results. The only downside is that it did take time.

This next workout involves weight lifting. No more than twice a week is it recomended to do this workout. I do once a week, because if done properly, you WILL be sore the other six days. First is regular bench press. A set of ten, then eight, six, four, two, and one. Each set you should increase the weight, and if you can’t finnish every rep of the previous set, simply don’t raise the weight until you can fnnish every rep. I reccomend about four minutes of rest between each set to ensure that you’re ready for the next one, so this workout can take time. After the regular bench, do the exact same thing with inclined bench. We’re concentrating on your chest here not your shoulders, so the bench shouldn’t be inclined more than fourty five degrees! After incline bench, break out those dumbbells!! Do five sets of ten regular bench with the dumbells. Finally, finnish with flys. Lay on your back on the bench as you would lay to bench press with a light-weight dumbbell in each hand. Extend your arms out into a crucifix position (I mean this with all respect and merely need a visual example) and from this postion, bend your arms slightly, bringing your hands towards your head just a bit, leaving your palms facing upward. This is the postion that your arms should remain in as you slowly bring the weights up to touch and then back down again. Three sets of ten of this and tada! Magnificent pecks in weeks!

The third workout option requires no weights, just your body, a chinup bar, and two slightly raised platforms no higher than a foot. For the raised platforms, I often stack up books. The twi platforms should be around three feet apart, depending on your arm length. Begin on the chinup bar, your palms facing away from you, your arms spread apart yet still comfortable. Do as many pullups as you can, ten if your chest is in good shape, and if you’re not feeling the pull on your chest, widen your arms a bit. From here, get into pushup position with your hands on the raised platforms. Do a pushup from this postion, bringing your chest down even to your hands. Once you’ve pushed back up, drop your hands down to the ground between the platforms and do another pushup, bringing your chest to the ground. As you’re pushing back up, push hard enough to hop your hands back onto the platforms. You should do ten raised and ten ground pushups for a total of twenty. Once you’re done, get back up on the bar for another set, and repeat the process two more times, for a total of three cycles.

Hopefully you will remain consistent in how much you work out, if you do, the results will be everything and more than you expected. Work hard, and enjoy the results!

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