Cigarette Replacements for Smoker

Now is the time for smoker to quit smoking. This is information will help you to stop smoking and no more “i can’t just quit smoking”.

Finding hard to stop smoking? It is because smoking is an addiction. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is an addictive drug. It meets the criteria for this description because it causes compulsive use, has mood-altering effects and causes a behavior that is reinforced by continued use of the drug. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which occurs naturally in tobacco. Nicotine gives pleasurable feelings to smokers and makes them want to smoke more. They become tolerances to cigarette or nicotine when more they smoking. Nicotine also has a damaging effect on developing nerve cells, which might result in brain malformations, poor functioning, and learning problems. There is also a tendency of developing behavioral problems. Besides it is a regular habit that is too hard to break for smoker to quit smoking. It is best to avoid smoking, second-hand smoke and cigarette replacements, such as nicotine patches or gum, in the days leading up to your surgery.

Nicotine gum also known Nicorette is available over the shop counter. If you are heavy smoker let says more than 25 cigarettes a day, you should use gum that provides 4 milligrams of nicotine per piece and 2-milligram dose if less. It comes with different flavors. But make sure you get the right information about the dose with the expert. But gum and patches just temporarily helped you out with the addiction but not the habit. Gum disease is initiated by a build up of bacteria in plaque, the sticky white substance that accumulates on the teeth if they are not properly cleaned. The bacteria cause the gums to become inflamed, and they begin to recede from the teeth. So it is important to you make sure the amount of nicotine dose.

SmokeRx is another solution for you. SmokeRx look alike usually cigarette but contains no nicotine. Smokers usually do not get as much nicotine from NRTs as from cigarettes, nor do they find NRT as enjoyable to use as cigarettes. NRT delivers nicotine to the smoker’s brain in a much slower way in small amount than usually cigarettes do. It can reduce the damage to smoker and at the same time control the behavior. NRT gum is not like ordinary chewing gum so there is a technique that needs to be adopted to get the most out of the gum, to avoid the “wasted” of nicotine. It helps to damp down the urges to smoke that most smokers have in the early days and weeks after quitting, rather than remove them totally.

You can try nicotine lozenges which it is a candy which dissolve and slowly release nicotine into the mouth. Each lozenge last for about half an hour. Generally, you can use about nine lozenges (ask the expert) a day during the first six weeks and then begin tapering off. Slowly day by day you reduce the number of candy and make sure do not use lozenges beyond three months. It also gives side effects with lozenges are soreness of gums, throat irritation and stomach upset. But don’t afraid because it just like the side-effects of other nicotine replacement products, these side-effects do not last long.

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