Circumcision: The Attractive Penis

Why do we fight female genital removal as a human rights issue when we still allow 60% of our sons to get circumcised?

The most common procedure performed in America is circumcision, over 60 % of new born males go through this painful trauma. 1 million times a year, 3 thousand times a day and once every 26 seconds a baby boys pecker is chopped and mutilated….and the truth is most people don’t even know what a circumcision is. Basically it is removal of the foreskin, a piece of the body some would say has no purpose

A long time ago when this procedure began it was done for two reason one as a sacrifice to god and another was to help prevent disease, infection and odour. Back then showers and baths weren’t readily available as they are now. This was also considered a easy solution to get little boys to stop touching them selves down their…yeah okay. The movement against masturbation started in the late 1800’s and some of its founders are well known today, like Mr. Kellogg of Kellogg corn flake, and Mr. Graham from graham crackers. These two and others believed masturbation was a sin against god and took away from marital sanction. Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Graham both believed their products would help reduce the urges for masturbation. Does any of this make sense? I mean even a religious person has to see this is all nuts…Why would god give us something only to have us cut it off and give it back. And why on earth would anyone want their children to stop masturbating, allowing your child to explore themselves can help prevent early sexual activity and expose’r to STD’s.

Now has anyone actually seen a circumcision surgery performed, its pretty gruesome. This procedure is excruciating to watch, we all know doctors aren’t suppose to inflict pain and yet every few seconds a well known and trusted doctor with your permission cuts a chunk of your babies penis off. When the world is so new and every sensation is ten times the amount then it is in later years, why do we feel this is the perfect time for this torcher? This procedure is no longer necessary and as most men and scientists will agree having the foreskin has many benefits, I mean after all they were born with it.

The foreskin not only makes the penis thicker it gives it more protection. The nerves in the foreskin are so great that most men with their foreskin intact can actually feel and be more sensitive during intercourse, and those without can be more prone to pain during intercourse. As for the women; when a man has his foreskin, intercourse for the woman can feel much better. As the roll of the foreskin is pulled back when erected it makes a natural rib much like we experience using ribbed condoms and toys. Experts would agree that a man in this day and age has a less likely of a chance of contracting certain STD’s thanks to natures condom. Now it only reduces the risk a small percent so please practice safe sex.

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  1. This is a very well written article, a little one sided, but I think you got your point across well.
    My baby boy is circumcised because I thought that was just what we were supposed to do. I never really knew we had an option.

  2. I can’t agree that the mutilation of a female is the same as the circumcision of a male.It helps keep a boy child clean and safe from infection but it deforms and handicaps a girl for life. Not the same.

  3. This is a very interesting article. I guess it will be one of those things that will have a small or not so small debate on it. I don’t really have an opinion on it yet but if the time ever comes for me to make that decision I will definitely take in all that is said about it.

  4. So, it’s a turtleneck sweater vs. a mock turtleneck?

  5. Circumcision offers a lifetime of health, medical and sexual benefits. At least one third of uncircumcised males will develop a condition requiring medical intervention. This means degrees of suffering and possibly death. In contrast, circumcision can prevent or greatly reduce the risk of these medical conditions. The surgical risk with a modern circumcision is extremely low, while the life-long appearance & functional outcomes are excellent. Male circumcision also offer considerable medical and sexual benefits to a female partner by reducing her risk of suffering, disease, medical treatment and premature death.

  6. “Circumcision offers a lifetime of health, medical and sexual benefits”
    What sort of sexual benefits, killing 20,000 nerve ending is beneficial really ?

    “At least one third of uncircumcised males will develop a condition requiring medical intervention”
    Oh really? Intact men from scandinavians countries need to be circumcised only 0.05% of the time.

    “This means degrees of suffering and possibly death”
    This is what happen only during circumcision

    “In contrast, circumcision can prevent or greatly reduce the risk of these medical conditions.”
    What medical reasons ? All these biased studies concerning AIDS, all these infections that can be treated easily with antibiotics ?

    “while the life-long appearance & functional outcomes are excellent”
    What functional outcomes ??

    “Male circumcision also offer considerable medical and sexual benefits to a female partner by reducing her risk of suffering, disease, medical treatment and premature death.”
    You are really funny, who is going to buy that ?

  7. Ummm… This is for yuckanaardvark.

    I don’t think you know anything about uncircumcised penises. So I shall inform you:

    As someone who is not cut, I can tell you that it is not sweaty nor stinky and when fully erect, looks no different than a cut penis. I’ve also had my share of both cut and uncut boyfriends and I can say that they are all very pleasurable. In fact, I don’t see much of a difference. However, I’m against circumcision because no one should get a part of their body chopped off without being old enough to give permission. Also, when you are that young, you feel pain 10 times more than someone who is fully grown. It’s not humane.

  8. Very interesting information, this can be a very controversial topic. Everyone has their own opinion regarding the practice of circumcision, and both sides really should be respected.Many people opt for circumcision based upon things such as tradition, religion, and cleanliness as well. I have three sons and after much research I have chosen to have all three circumcised because their grandfather suffered from many recurrent infections due to not being circumcised and he was always embarrassed and in pain and I do not want the risk of that for my boys.

  9. Spell Check??

  10. The debate between all of the stupid people is neverending. Circumcision also prevents boys from waking up one morning and realizing he cant retract his foreskin. Thats gross, painful and unhygenic.
    Circumcision is a good thing. I was a baby when it was done and I don’t remember it. So what is the damn deal? Babies aren’t that bloody precious and fragile and they turn into stupid adults with stupid opinions just like the rest of you anti circ lobbies just as quickly as everyone else did.
    People in general seem to think if theres 2 sides to something that they have to pick a side and completely trash the other side. I

  11. The medical board advises against it. Give up your silly own opinions and listen to them. Circumcision is barbaric and stupid

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