Clear Nasal Discharge Could be Spinal Cord Fluid

Usually, a constant clear nasal discharge is harmless, caused by an allergy. But in rare instances, that clear nasal discharge could be spinal fluid, indicating a very dangerous health issue requiring surgical treatment.

Chronic clear nasal discharge can be caused by several things, most of which are non-life threatening. But on the slim chance that the clear nasal discharge is spinal cord fluid, it can be indicative of a very dangerous problem.

Clear nasal discharge can be a result of allergies. Other allergy symptoms would be present like sneezing or water eyes combined with clear nasal discharge.

A condition called vasomotor rhinitis is a non-allergy cause of clear nasal discharge. Vasomotor rhinitis can be triggered by a number of thing s that brings on an outpouring of clear nasal discharge. Temperature changes, strong odors, alcohol, airborne irritants, etc. can trigger vasomotor rhinitis.

Certain medicines can cause clear nasal discharge. Blood pressure medicine, birth control pills and over-the-counter pain relievers can turn on that constant clear nasal discharge.

Nasal polyps are another thing that can cause your nose to nasal drippings. If the clear nasal discharge is caused from any of the above mentioned reasons, it is not a dangerous health issue, mainly just an wet nuisance.

But there is one thing that does cause clear nasal discharge that is a dangerous health issue, spinal cord fluid. A simple test by your doctor to test the clear nasal discharge for beta-2 transferrin to prove or dis-prove that the clear nasal discharge is spinal fluid is all it takes. If there is a leak in spinal cord fluid, the leak will have to surgically corrected.

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