Common Sex Queries

Many guys today are wandering around with queries about normal sex life. Based on an internet survey, the following is a summation of 15 common questions along with their medical answers.

I accredit this work to a triond member, Lovely Honey, who encouraged and guided me through out. Thanks Lovely Honey and Triond.                        

Common sex queries

Childhood, nurtured with love, affection and care of parents is an astounding era. A child with no fear of social stigmas innocently keeps his/her queries about different walks of life to adults, quiet unlike puberty, where true guides turn up to be immature friends, young love or Internet buddies. For instance, usually we have seen kids aged 3-5 years running amused with sanitary napkins and condoms, but it would be hard to remember any guy ranging 13-15 years asking questions about condoms or human sex life openly.

It is not uncommon to find boys desperately struggling to realise the size of penis, masturbation and other sex related acts; fruitlessly getting worried and wasting time to dig further and further. The most common queries are brainstormed below to enlighten the direction with correct scientific wisdom.

How to measure penis length?

The accurate position to measure a completely erect penis length is while standing, where penis is held parallel to the floor. It is measured along the top, from the base to the tip. Incorrect measurements, if measured from underneath or in any other position such as sitting.

What is the normal size of an erect adult penis?

A number of studies have been conducted worldwide to enlighten on the subject, statistics reveal a mean average length of 6 – 6.5 inches. It is frequently observed that studies based on self assessment and Internet surveys report a higher mean average length when compared to those conducted scientifically, or by trained staff. Conclusively, men love to flaunt large penis size.

Is the penis size variable among races?

Dr. David Devin, a Family Planning Specialist, confirmed that there is no correlation between penis size and races.

Can sexual gratification be achieved with a bent penis?

In simple words, yes it can be; the following link will further clear the scenario

How to enlarge the penis size?

With modern cultural influences a myth, that larger a penis is, the better it is, has surmounted our youth deeply. Girls are no longer shy; on the contrary conceive large penis size of their beloveds as a matter of pride compelling boys to search different means to satisfy the needful. As a matter of fact, sexual gratification can be achieved with just two inches (refer above link)

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  1. much sort after information.Thanks doc.

  2. THIS IS JUST LOVELY and thanks for including my name its a great honour to have been associated with you on a subject in which i have pet experience and knowledge gained through solving other peoples queries . if i had not been as poor as i was then i would also have been a doctor today. please work on foreplay which is a must and i shall be besides you again. sharing of knowledge has been my lifes MISSION .CONGRATS once again.


  3. Detailed and great write! Thanks!

  4. Wow, interesting facts. I bookmarked the page.

  5. very informative…

  6. Thank you lovely honey for directing me here. This article very interesting and reader friendly..thank you.

  7. This is a great article and very interesting to read. It has a lot of good information in it.

  8. thanks for sharing this… very informative!

  9. Good article. Being open and honest about sex is always the best position to take [no pun intended!]

  10. very informative. thanks.

  11. why bookmark the page when u can remember it

  12. Excellent! well-written piece and very informative. I really loved it1 Must read. Well done and thanks for sharing

  13. Well researched article. Thanks for posting it!!

  14. Great write. Thanks for sharing.

  15. im From India, Live In Tamilnadu I have Sex Problem Every Night My Sperm come Out The Body, And I fell Very Bad. pimples Growth in My Face, Some times Im Go to urine my Sperm or out in the urine. What can i do i dont understand. can u please help me. any medicine have stop the problem…..?

  16. Gracia’s..!

  17. I have the same problem,discribed above Mr:sam ,from india,pls help me

  18. I have the same problem,discribed above Mr:sam ,from india,pls help me

  19. I have the same problem,discribed above Mr:sam ,from india,pls help me

  20. This really opens my eyes to society.

  21. Its a nice guidence to youth.

  22. :O okay..well.. all them years of masturbating and 2 lines freaked me out. lol
    .. but still yea. woah, you said masturbation is harmless.. then at the bottom you said its scientifically proven that it can cause prostate cancer?
    reply back with a clarification please at *email*

  23. Hello Mike,
    It prevents not causes prostate cancer and that’s what is mentioned in the article too.
    Thanks n Regards

  24. I am 25 yr old male, single. I want to have sex. what is the best step. I fantasise every women comes across. when i am travelling and any women near by sitting, i immediately start fanasising her… this a problem? pl advice.

  25. due to masterbation my upper layer of penis is very loose. and it shrink to only 2 inches. any medicine for this.

  26. it will increase awareness in adults. i will tell that you are doing social service..
    thank you…

  27. I had an unprotected intercourse with my girl friend just a day after her periods. I didnt ejaculate my sperm into her anyway and we had the intercourse for a minute or two only. She had stains of blood in her later.
    Is there any prob? Do she need to take a i pill? Pls advice at the earliest.

  28. Hello Rahul,

    Hopefully nothing will happen this time as the timeperiod you choose is quite a sffe one, but next time never indulge in unprotected sex, everytime you can’t be lucky.


  29. how glad I am that 125 people liked it and benefitted too we have achieved our purpose congrats doctor to u

    The principle cause
    Of ageing

    Is the very fear
    Of ageing

    That’s a
    Natural phenomenon

    So relax
    You will
    Surely age
    Don’t have a rage,
    But do age
    Not hastily

    But age you will


  30. Hi

    My Name is V,i had unprotected sex with my Gal couple of times,thnking we would marry defintly one day,thngs chaged as she has to marry some other person due problems among our family which are at a peek,now our question is can she/me indulge unprotected sex with another person,esp her havng unproetected sex on the frist night,we are confused do we need to give some time to have unporoetced sex after marraige (she getting married to other guy and i getting married to other gal)to continue the rest of the sex life or any medications…please help us.


  31. Of course girls want to now this stuff

  32. I have diabetes. My penis is getting soft and and i ejaculate early.

    Any suggestion?

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  34. my girlfriend has got 34 size breasts.i am always attracted to them and feel like pressing and licking them . she has no problem with it and she wans me to play with her boobs but she feels that by pressing the breasts their size will grow and her mother wil know about this and she may be in deep i jus wanna ask do a girl’s breasts grow if they are pressed ,fondled or licked???

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  36. i am 33yrs old female and i dont know when actually after sex have i got fully satisfied and ejaculated.when my boyfriend asked have i ejaculated i dont have any answer as i myself dont know.and moreover when my boyfriend wants to have sex more than once in a day.i dont feel like.does that mean i am sexually inactive?please answer.

  37. Thanks for this but i have a question.

    I have never had sex, my foreskin is tight and cannot fully pull back, will if be able to have sex in future? if no what is the solution apart from circumcision?

  38. sperm comes out of my penis at the time urine my penis is also became weak loose .

  39. hi this site is good

  40. hi this is a good site

  41. hi i’m a college student . and while going to college by bus a man always follows me. he comes close to me even in the rush time . he rubs my body parts with his hands when no one watch us . i avoided him so many times , i even move somewhere away from him but he follows me every where i go. i dont hav enough courage to complaint it to anyone . i think he is expecting something from me. pls suggest me any good solution to this problem

  42. hello sir,

    my penis will become loose. tell me the solution how to make it srtong?

  43. hello sir,

    my penis will become loose. tell me the solution how to make it strong? Please give me the solution.

  44. is there any kind of pregnancy chances while a couple do anal sex?

  45. Hello,

    no chances of pregnancy with anal sex

  46. hiiiiiiiiii my name is ashish and of 29 yr old i have been doing masturbating for last 15 yr ,presently serving in defense and i do regular exercise at gym maintaining good health and physique during masturbation i had good erection …. and i am doing it almost every day from last 3 to 4 yr i started doing masturbation by watching **** movies ..sometimes i do twice a day…problem started when i had my 1st sexual encounter wid my gal frnd some 3 month earlier…i returned from leave booked a room we started every thing was normal we had good forplay but when i used condom and tried to penetrate erection was not so gud not able to penetrate my gal friend said leave it nahi hoga i was sweating like anything i tried once again but failed i thought due to journey stress i cudnt do it after 3 daye we meet again …. we did fore play every thing was good but when i put condom ..i lost some erection then threw the condom n penetrated inside . i did finally but not satisfactory ..i was depressed that i have some problem…leave ended and i came back to my work …i tried to forget that and started the same routine of masturbation i found it was normal as it was earlier ….presently i am on leave after reaching here i am planning 4 sexual encounter but fear of erection is making me scared and even presently from the last 2 days i am not getting good erection during masturbation also ..though penis goes to its maximum size but as far as erection is concern it is not like as it was a week ago i a very much depressed help me …..any eercise pls suggest … i am not using any illicit drugs and sufferin from any desease waiting 4 ur replyy…..which problem i am facing is it due to excessive masturbation ……………………th

  47. Plz do my help increare my penis size and hardness suggetions

  48. hi i m 21 years old , i have been doing masturbating for last 7year more then 1000times now my sex power just 30 sec to 1 mins hardly ..i m unable to sex with my gul frnd ..pls write down my solution to my mail.. as soon as possible .

  49. i have same problem

  50. Dear swati this prbl is very comanly face by many girls,the only solution is courage.if u r silent or doing nothing it wil increase ur prblm and may situation worst.he is jst a animal and he is not social.firstly u hv to stop shy abt discusing abt this mater and go and discuss to ur mother abt this matter.she will definitly understan ur go to ur close male frnd tel ur prblm.make pln and give strong slap to him with hr help of ur frnd.don,t tolerate this problem.u r women and bless wt somany powers ,b smart and make al women pride of ur self and model to other .sinoj

  51. My penis is 7 inches long. How do I get girls off of my dick?

  52. i want improve my penis like hard strong etc. plz send me some mdcn that improve my penis.

  53. Hi i had in physical relation with mine girl friend for one year and then we broke up and from the past one year i haven’t in relation. I getting married with another girl…my ques is that if i had a relation with her after marriage can it s possible that i would get AIDS or not?

  54. i have been masturbating for last 11 year i m jst 21.. it can be bad for my helth mail me at

  55. My penis is not straight, slightly turn to left side, please tell me what you think about it. It is ok or not??

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