Drug Addiction Screams a Whisper

Know and believe in your very soul that there is never enough good feeling and peaceful escape that will ever even come close to the many prices and losses you will definitely encounter when being unable to escape the screaming whispers of drug addiction.

once upon a time, I smoked, snorted, inhaled, and ingested anything that guaranteed an altered state with which I could use to escape reality. It was not that my reality was bad, not to begin with, anyhow. The more drugs I used, however, the more guilt and loss of self worth was there to be dealt with as well, as to be used as an excuse to further my addiction.

Thus began an enormous cycle of abuse that also gave me an excuse to further use drugs, due to the turmoil between right and wrong happening inside me, and also due to the pity I felt for myself. I am certain I have tried every pharmaceutical or illegal drug that promises a side effect of any kind. Having been blessed to survive a most hellish period due to the choices I made, I was miraculously left alive to rant and warn of the dangers of experimenting with drugs for any reason and in any manner.

Low – Grade Experimentation

Normally, one does not stroll into a party or gathering where drugs are being used and decide “I want to try heroin” without having some experience with drug abuse in their past. Most addicts, before their addictions, began experimenting with low – grade drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, or mild painkillers like Lortab (hydrocodone) or Tylenol 3 (codeine). Aptly so, marijuana is known as a “gateway drug,” but there are actually more drugs which can be labeled with this title. In my opinion, alcohol can be considered a “gateway drug.” Painkillers and even some weight – loss medicines can be, also.

Though a drug’s addiction rate is proclaimed not as significant when compared to other drugs’ rates, the behavioral patterns of escaping reality through one form or another can be. Just as addictive are the patterns learned when becoming familiar with the method of using a particular drug, though many do not believe this until an addiction is acquired.

At this point, there are readers who are justifying perhaps recreationally using the drug they prefer by telling themselves “Okay, I just won’t get to
point. I will not use beyond that level.” Do you think anyone planned to allow the use to get to any further point beyond the level of enjoyment in which they experienced in the beginning? Would anyone ever want something to get out of control and leave him or her in many different types of personal, physical, or familial ruin?

What Does “The Drug Controls the Addict” Actually Mean?

In this light, it is plain to see, an addict does not control a drug or its chaotic results within their life. The drug controls the addict. The clearest definition that I could possibly give to anyone wondering how on earth their addict – in – question could “choose drugs over ____” (insert whatever you see him or her as throwing away in order to use drugs) would be as follows:

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  1. A courageous article to write! Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow. Very well written, and SO true. Thank you.

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