Drug “Bath Salts” May be Banned in Light of Recent “Zombie” Attacks

After two recent zombie-like attacks that may have involved adrug called “bath salts,” the U.S. Senate voted 96-1 to ban the chemicals used to make the substance.

The drug, dubbed ‘bath salts’ because of the way it looks, is notactually salts acclimated while bathing, but instead is a actinic that is said to could cause agitated behavior andbizarre hallucinations.

The aboriginal adventure that fueled an online storm of postings apropos an approaching ‘Zombie Apocalypes’ was the face-eating advance on abandoned man Ronald Poppo, 65, in Miami. Rudy Eugene, 31, is accused of disturbing the beef offPoppo’s face and bistro it. Authorities appear Eugene – who was attempt asleep by badge – was beneath the access of ablution salts if the advance took place.

The additional adventure believedto absorb the biologic took abodein Joppa, Md., area engineering apprentice Alexander Kinyua, 21, is accused of killing his roommate,Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, and again bistro his accuracy and heart. According to, the ablution alkali ban may become the assignment of the Food and Biologic Administration,with the government abrogation itup to anniversary accompanimentto actuate regulations on the substance.

“These drugs accept odd certifiable furnishings on people,”Rep. Charles Dent told “Out of this abhorrent tragedy in Florida, wehope this will accompany about greaterawareness and advance the charge to achieve allusive legislation that will assure peoplefrom this poison.”

Paul Adams, a Miami emergency allowance physician, told CNN , “This isa abhorrent biologic because it takes a aggregate of methamphetamine, and the paranoia and the aggressiveness, and LSD, the hallucinations, and PCP, the acute paranoia that you get, combines it into one, and ha capricious furnishings on animal behavior.” Former ablution salts aficionado Freddy Sharp, who was filmed overdosing on the drug, told CNNif he was application the actuality he “…felt so evil. It acquainted like the darkest, evilest affair imaginable.”

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  1. Good. The sale was banned here in NY a while ago…

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