Effective Ways to Quit Smoking: Giving Up Cigarettes

A majority of smokers that take the decision of quitting cigarettes change their decision within 24 hours. How do you quit smoking? How do you control the urge or craving to smoke? If you truly want to give up smoking, read on.

A cigarette is not a reliever

Many people smoke to relieve themselves from feelings such as stress, depression, loneliness anxiety, and fear. Many smokers, especially teenagers have this foolish notion that nicotine acts a healing balm for unpleasant feelings. The fact that many believe this false truth is what prevents them from quitting cigarettes. You can never quit something you believe does you good in your bad times. You do not have to light a cigarette to feel better about yourself. Effective ways to get rid of stress, depression, loneliness, sadness fear and anxiety are exercise, meditation and prayer.

Sugar-related symptoms after you quit smoking- What you need to do?

When you quit smoking symptoms such as dizziness, restlessness, and headaches do occur. This is because of lack of immediate sugar release from nicotine. Sugar-related cravings may last for a few days, approximately for a week or more until you body adjusts to the change. It’s on days when sugar related cravings are higher than normal that individuals go back to smoking. When sugar related cravings occur after quitting cigarettes make sure you drink plenty of natural fruit juice. If you are a diabetic make sure you have a glass of cranberry juice or pear juice. Teenagers find it difficult to fight sugar-related symptoms. When you feel restless feel free to indulge in pastries, doughnuts or any other confectionary products rather than smoke.

Device a game plan to quit smoking

Device a game plan to quit smoking, it helps a great deal. Make a list of reasons why you should quit smoking. Get photocopies done and place them in strategic locations. You can place the list you’ve made on the mirror above the washbasin where you brush your teeth, on the bathroom door, on the front door, and also in places where you usually keep cigarette packets. The list should be at a visible location. This technique may work differently for every person, but it works .The main purpose of this activity or method is to remind yourself you need to quit smoking, and why. Keep in mind; words on a wall have immense power. A person that wants to quit smoking should have the following content or points in his/her list.

  • Smoking kills you sooner than later
  • Smoking increases the risk of cancer
  • Smoking increases the risk of heart diseases
  • Smoking affects memory and mental capacity
  • Smoking increases risk of diabetes
  • Smoking reduces fertility
  • Smoking increase the risk of depression
  • Smoking increase the risk of premature babies
  • Smoking makes you impotent
  • Smoking affects my children
  • Smoking can destroy relationships
  • Smoking affects children

If you truly want to give up smoking picture yourself in every point in the list.

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  1. Never start so you won’t find trouble stopping. :D

  2. Your introduction described precisely how I decided. It’s been 14 years now and it’s as if I was never that smoking person. Great guidelines on a subject that some people still refuse to believe is so deadly. I lost many friends and some relatives to it. I know. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful article. I think that one of the most important things to realise about cigarettes is that it GIVES YOU NO BENEFITS AT ALL. Unlike alcohol like red wine which is said to help with blood circulation at moderate doses, cigarettes provide no benefits whatsoever, be it health-wise, emotional-wellbeing-wise (is this even a word?!).

    There are many who tell me that they smoke because they are stressed. Or because they’re depressed. Or because they’re bored. Or because they “just feel like it”. Or because they feel they have to fit in. But smoking doesn’t relieve stress, nor depression, nor boredom. The sooner people realise that, the quicker they’ll be able to quit.

    The reason why people find it so difficult to quit is because they feel like they have something to lose. “Oh, if I quit cigarettes my life will never be happy again. I won’t have any friends, and I’m losing something that’s helps me when I’m stressed.” But none of those are true! If people realise that they are losing NOTHING whatsoever by giving up smoking, quitting becomes much easier.

    This is just my two cents. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. I’m honestly hoping that millions of people will read this and quit cigarettes for good. The only industry that deserves to die is the tobacco industry!


  4. Excellent article and such important information

  5. I am on day one of quitting with an electronic cigarette! Third time lucky… I have given up twice before with the e-cig with great results. Just not enough will power to keep it going unfortunately. This time I’m hoping it works. Otherwise I will end up being one of those 60 a day 65 year old’s with horrible skin and a funny smell! Keep an eye out on my articles and I’ll keep you guys updated as to my progress :)

  6. Good information here!!

  7. Good information

  8. Well written, thank you. And thank you for your support.

  9. It’s hard to quite smoking, I tried four or five times before it took.

  10. I never smoke but I guess it’s very difficult to quit smoking. Your article is very helpful to people who want to quit smoking.

  11. My hubby do have difficulties to stop smoking.For me i know he can’t stop it easily but his trying.I’m not forcing him to stop since if you stop it immediately,it’s also not healthy.

  12. very interesting post

  13. this is very helpful article

  14. ” Even if you’ve quit cigarettes for over 10 years, every time you see a person smoking a cigarette, more so your favorite brand, you feel a sensation within, that urge or that craving.”

    True enough. This is what happened to my husband. He already quit smoking for 2 months but when I assigned him to supervise our grocery store, he started smoking again because he always sees his favorite cigarette.

  15. Nice share -well, I quit my locking up myself and smoking as many as possible for at least 6 hours before hating the butt and kicking it thereafter…

  16. I have so many friend that tried before, this is very useful. Thank You. Hey, and thank you that you support me x

  17. Excellent article and such important information.

  18. nice article will help my dud to quit smoking

  19. BOOM! I’m all for healthy living. Good job! Great work BTW.

  20. Nice article. I do not like smoking. I hope this article will help to people to quit smoking

  21. Nice article. I do not like smoking. I hope this article will help to people

  22. Simply be strong – if you light a cigarette you simply are weaker than them. If you are a real strong person prove it to you and to everyone else.

  23. I have tried so many times to quit smoking and once succeeded for four years. Lets just say, I never give up trying….Good article, thanks for sharing:)

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