Eggy Burps – What Causes and Cures Them?

Eggy burps are more common than you may think and is a problem that is horrible, humiliating and for some difficult to treat and find the source. So what exactly does cause eggy burps and how do you cure them.

Some people are born with healthy digestive systems, others are unfortunate and suffer with problems throughout their lives. However, with some problems it does not matter how your digestive system arrived in this world but more how you look after it. I’ve recently discovered this myself and would like to share with you a wonderful story about eggy burps, and some possibly causes and cures.

I haven’t got the best digestive system by any means – I have IBS, which does give me bouts of diarrhoea and crippling stomach cramps. However, what I had recently was totally different. The only way I can explain it is you burp like when you are about to be sick, yet rather than nothing being there, there is this awful foul smelling odour and taste – just like rotten eggs. It really did make me feel quite ill.

I spoke to a friend I know online, who isn’t a doctor and neither am I, but he is very interested in health and that sort of quirky thing – this was the only support I had at 2am in the morning and decided it was better than nothing! He told me that the most likely cause was an in-balance of bacteria in the stomach. The best way he described it for me was like the Yakult adverts – you know the good bacteria and bad bacteria. Basically he told me that at the moment there was far too much bad bacteria and it was “eating away” at the good bacteria – so I needed to eat/drink some good bacteria to replenish the good stuff. He also said a secondary cause may be that bad bacteria thrives on yeast – which if you eat too much yeast products can make this problem worse. He recommended that I try eating live bacteria – which I cannot say I was exactly thrilled about, but I settled on Yakult. (Do not eat or drink anything unlicensed – eat only things that say they have the right bacteria in!) After a day or so the eggy burps did actually decrease and now I do not have them anymore, and I have found that the cramping and bloating I had has also gone. I have carried on with the Yakult though!

Causes Of Eggy Burps:

I have since done a little research about eggy burps, their causes and any possible cure – other than my friends, unconventional, method of drinking yakult. Eggy burps are caused by Hydrogen Sulfide  in the digestive system, which is normal as we do eat foods containing Sulphur – but we have Sulphur reducing microbes in the digestive system to deal with them. Sometimes though, we can eat too many products containing Sulfur protein or the microbes that break it down do not work as well.

Types of food that contain Sulfur protein include red meat, eggs (unsurprisingly), tea, coffee and poultry. An idea may be to try and reduce the amount of these consumed and see if that helps your eggy burps. If eating too much of these products is the cause then you should expect to see an improvement, if not a complete stop, to the burps within 2 days.

Cures Of Eggy Burps:

Try cutting out possible risk factors, drink lots of water, perhaps try gaviscon etc and if the problem has not resolved within 3 days – seek advice from your doctor. Remember I am not a doctor and you should always seek medical advice if in doubt.

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  1. Great read!

  2. that’s interesting, I don’t have eggy burps but it I ever do, I’ll know what to do.

  3. I am like Tulan I never had these, but at least I am prepared. You could also have the good bacteria taken out of your system by too many antibiotics. It can’t tell the difference between good and bad bacteria and goes for it all and makes us sick.
    Glad you are not having them anymore, does not sound like fun.

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