Energy Drinks: The Erection Killer

It’s becoming a major epidemic for men as young as 20. Coffee, alcohol and other inhibitors couldn’t do it as much as Energy Drinks.

It used to be that old age and the diseases that followed it, were the cause of erectile dysfunction or e.d. Yet, after many studies and thousands of new cases being marked by doctors, it seems than men in their early twenties on up are experiencing flaccid waters with their little men.

Is it possible that the increased consumption of Energy Drinks is the leading killer to men’s mattress thriller?

It is! Scientists and doctors have been hard at work trying to figure out what has turned off the button the used to be stuck on in men. (What a way to spend a day!)

Caffeine is notably one of the largest causes of lowered sack sessions, and Energy Drinks are a double punch in the pelvis, and yet no one has been warned about it! Its amazing to think that caffeine itself, takes a toll on anyone’s body, but with the extra sugar and energy inducing vitamins, Energy Drinks not only take away your ability to maintain an erection, they also leave you to tired to even have the slightest desire.

The ups and downs of Energy Drinks, the very ALERT phases and the horrible Crash that comes later. After more than a few months of constantly drinking Energy Drinks, more and more every day, stops that little man in his pants. Leaving many men high and dry when given the opportunity to enjoy some well needed intimacy and stress relief.

Energy Drinks have also been known to have strange and dangerous other affects on a persons body, most of which are also other known causes of E.D.

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Kidney Dysfunction
  • Kidney Stones
  • Excess Fatigue
  • Rotten Teeth
  • Dependency

There are more, but there’s no reason to prove a point that’s already there.

What makes matters all the more interesting, is that the makers of the Energy Enhancing Drinks, mark on their cans that the consumption of more than 2 energy beverages a day is not recommended. Yet, does anyone listen?

With the normal rush of a young life, and especially with the push of making money in tough times, young college aged men are more susceptible to E.D. than ever before. They are already consuming way to many coffee beverages, partying and drinking alcohol to excess and experimenting with drugs. Yet, there have not been so many documents cases of E.D. in young men until recently, a few years after Energy Drinks really became big on the market.

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  2. If you stop drinking them, is it possible for the negative side effects to dissipate?

  3. Yes, I stopped and my woodrow wilson came back with a vengence. Thank God!

  4. I hate these damn drinks. My gf is sexy as hell and I can’t even get the woody wagon up for her. I’m done drinking these damn things!!!!!!!!

  5. I am 27 years old and about 3 to 4 months ago I discovered that I had a problem in the bedroom. I had no idea what my problem was until tonight. Just tried to get some and it didn’t happen. I know a guy who said Energy Drinks will take the ying out your yang. I drink at least one Energy drink a day. I finally decided to look it up. I couldnt believe what I found. There is no doubt in my mind This is what is causing my unfortunate problem. today is and was the last day I will drink a Energy Drink. I know it will be hard cause I am addicted but if I have to chose my wife or a damn drink it would for sure be my sexy beautiful wife.

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