Five Scary and Most Dangerous Addictions You Should Know About

Addictions are scary things as consider how they can ruin one’s physical strength, immunity, and cause many health problems. They are by far the most compulsive and chronic habits which we engage in; unhealthy behavioural acts that can aggravate many crimes, suicides or even other social problems.

Shopping Addiction

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Omniomania (”onios” means “for sale” while “mania” means “madness”) is a term given to describe a psychiatric disorder that is commonly known as shopping addiction, compulsive shopping or compulsive buying disorder (CB). This syndrome was recognized as early as the twentieth century and it’s documented that it can co-occur with other disorders like eating disorders, impulsive control disorders, substance use disorders, and anxiety disorder.

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According to the survey conducted by a Psychiatric Times, only 6% of the Americans are considered to have compulsive shopping. This shopping habit is different from the normal shopping as the sufferers have used shopping as an outlet to help them cope with anger, stress, depression, boredom, self-critical thoughts, tension, anxiety and loneliness. People with Omniomania will shop until they run into debt because their mind is completely preoccupied by excessive spending. This compulsion can eventually wreck families and hurt relationships. Interestingly, compulsive shoppers with this syndrome aren’t concerned much with what they’ve bought. They leave compact discs wrapped in plastic and never listen to them or hang their new clothes in the closet without even taking them out either.

Smoking Addiction

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Smoking in any form, marijuana, tobacco, or cigarettes can lead smokers to an additive dependence on that particular substance to a degree that when they withdraw from smoking, their mental, emotional feeling or any physical reactions will be greatly irritated.

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Nicotine is a psychoactive drug found in the cigarette that causes addiction to cigarettes and the human bloodstream absorbs toxins rapidly via the smoker’s lungs. Within 7 seconds of the smoke being inhaled these toxins can reach the brain. High doses of nicotine have shown to stimulate activation of “pleasure centers” located in the brain, particularly the mesolimbic dopamine system, which can cause nicotine dependence among the smokers. This explains why smokers who first started smoking can take in higher doses of nicotine without feeling sick. Nicotine can also “alter” functional as well as structural changes in the smokers’ brains, and thus when they suddenly withdrawn from smoking, the physiological functions in their brain or other parts of their bodies will be greatly interrupted.

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  1. A very thought-provoking piece, thanksChan. SU’d.

  2. Very informative and existing in real time. Well done, my friend.

  3. Perhaps I experience Triond addiction :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this all information about addiction..the worst one is drug addicted..very informative article..nice share chan :)

  5. You covered this topic most professionally. You always write eye opening articles. Thanks!

  6. I am a true shopaholic, but I can control myself. LOL. Drug, alcohol and smoking addictions can be dangerous and mess up your life, but for most people it’s cool. Internet addiction as well as Facebook addiction is very common for kids and adults today.

  7. Cell phone addiction and Facebook (especially Farmville game) addiction are commons for teens.

  8. The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, as Valli mentioned, we are seeing more addictions in young people than ever before.

    Another well-constructed piece.

  9. Your kindness in giving hope to those addicted is so well stated in this article.Thank you for your caring article.

  10. Creepy addictions especially the shopping addiction. :)

  11. A very accurate informative well written article.

  12. A well written, and very timely post. Continue to share.

  13. I am glad you included internet addiction. Many people do not think that the internet is an addiction, but when it takes priority over ADL”S , children, family, eating, etc.. It has become a serious problem! Dugg

  14. A very informative post. Whoooh.. I’m an addict.. internet addict my friend. LOL

  15. Very well researched, put together and well written. Fabulous photo choices. A+! Super job!!

  16. I believe that a cure will be found for most addictions, as it is my belief that most are due to a genetic disposition toward addiction in general.
    Good piece.

  17. I am addicted to the internet!!

  18. So many things that are bad for us. Anything can become an addiction if you can’t leave it alone. It is best to try and have a balanced life but is can be hard. Excellent article.

  19. Anything when gets more into our life becomes unwanted…. except love.

  20. the first sure to empty wallet the second definitely sickening..

  21. I guess most of us know people who are either shopping addicts or smoking addicts.

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