Governments Being Hypocrites Only for Money

Alcohol is a drug too, a “legal” drug.

Alcohol is another legal drug in the society which is not only not banned, but promoted world wide as a form of entertainment, fashion and socialization method. People believe that by drinking, it assists in being sociable, friendly and cool. Alcohol companies promote their product on billboards, televisions, radio, magazines, internet, newspapers, and theses, are allowed by the government of almost every country in the world, except Muslim countries.

The contradiction that campaigns encourages people not to drink, not to drink and drive, and the dangers of alcohol poisoning. And yet, alcohol is not only sponsoring sporting events, it sponsors movies, films, and advertises freely in the society. 

The dilemma which governments and society faces with handling the issue of alcohol is a never ending story. How can cigarettes be such a bad thing in the society when alcohol is being promoted so much more than sticks of cigarettes? The death rate of drink driving and alcohol poisoning is one of the highest globally. When a person is intoxicated with alcohol, the inability to control his/her actions often occur. Fights and accidents even death can occur with the influence of alcohol.

Yet, it is still perfectly legal in the society. In fact, the influence of alcohol works no differently from any other drug, illegal in society. Marijuana or ecstasy are drugs which are illegal in many countries, no doubt that they are still being sold and consumed through the black market, however, the dangers of these drugs are just as much as alcohol intoxication, which is widely and openly sold in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and some even petrol stations. 

In what way does that make any sense anymore? The contradiction which the government has against and for drugs in the society, is not only confusing and misleading. However, if taxes could be charged on heroin, marijuana and ecstasy, I would be pretty such that it would soon be legal. 

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