Heroin: All About It and Why You Shouldn’t Take It

Here is an article explaining many things about heroin.

Heroin is an opiate drug, it is made by nature. It is a substance that occurs in the seed pod of the asian opium poppy plant.

It comes into view from the poppy plant  as a white or brown powder or another form called “black tar heroin” which is a black glutinous substance.

Black Tar Heroin

There are several ways heroin can be taken by ways that will quickly get the drug to the brain.One way is snorting which means a person breathes in the heroin through the nose where it gets to the quickly through the nasal passages.

Or one can inject it by putting it straight to the blood stream by employing it with a needle.

Smoking  heroin is breathing the smoke right into the lungs.

Teenage girl chasing the dragon smoking street heroin by heating it on foil . Safer and easier than  stock photo

When you take heroin it goes into the brain then becomes morphine.

And attaches themselves to opioid receptors and these receptors deal with those that tell you you’re in pain.

The brain stemp also comprises  self regulatory processes that are important for living things such as blood pressure and arousal.

Walgreens Manual Inflate Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

When a person overdoses on heroin they usually die of not being able to breathe.

When a person intravenously injected with a feeling of elation in street terms is a “rush”, they’ll have a dry mouth,  flushing of the skin and extremities of heaviness and mentally not being clear..

After the feeling of elation a person feels after taking heroin they go into what in street terms is called “on the nod” a period of being wide awake then drowsy.

After a person customarily takes heroin, tolerance comes to the person using it, and the person using it and the person has to use more and more to get the effect. And then 23% of users of heroin become addicted to it.

A person who exploits heroin can die of an overdose as they need more and more to get ‘high’, Miscarriage if the girl using it is pregnant even though we a;; know pregnant women shouldn’t use drugs of any type.

If you inject heroin your veins can collapse and also have a chance to become to infected with HIV/AIDS.

There is also chance of different types of pneumonia and because its response on breathing.

When you buy heroin on the street it may contain poisonous things that can cause clogs in arteries that go to major organs and cause blood to be unable to get to it.

When a person is dependent on heroin and even if they go from hours to a day without using it they get severe withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, cold flashes and insomnia.

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