Hot to Quit Smoking

My story of how I quit smoking.

So you don’t think you can quit smoking? 

Smoking in it self is a horrible habit. I know because I was a smoker. I can thankfully say though I’m a non-smoker now. It was hard to quit and I thought at times I would not be able to give it up, but slowly I figured how to quit this filthy habit.

When I smoked I gave many reasons of why I wanted to keep the addiction going. Smoking was relaxing it helped clear ones head and calm the body down. For a long time I would use these excuses and in reality I did need smoking for them. Over time though I keeping smoking more and slowly I realized that I was getting closer to smoking a pack a day. This is a scary thought as well as an expensive one. With the price of taxes going up for tobacco smoking is becoming too expensive. Not only is smoking expensive  but it extremely unhealthy.

I tried to quit cold turkey but found that it was impossible to not just smoke all together. So keeping this in mind I started to count how many cigarette I had a day. Then the next day I would try to smoke one less then the day before. After cutting back each day I was starting to go through withdrawal’s. At first it was a head ache that would just not go away, unless I had another cigarette, then depression and lethargic feelings came upon me. For about a whole week I felt like laying down and going to sleep the only problem was you couldn’t seem to sleep. 

For about a month I had been able to cut down to about six cigarettes a day. The headaches still came in abundance but I had gotten use to the withdrawal symptoms. I was starting to feel the clearness of my lungs as they were breathing more fresh air then smoke and I was liking this new phase. 

My family and I had a Hawaii trip planned and I thought of an idea. I was going to quit smoking all together. The trip was perfect because I would remain busy the whole entire time and only have small periods of down time that I would be able to smoke even if I wanted to. In the next couple of days we were off to Hawaii.

The first couple of days I didn’t miss the cigarette then about the third day the headaches came back. I was busy the whole entire time that I didn’t really think of smoking. After awhile the headaches felt normal and by the time I got back from Hawaii I had not even smoked a whole entire week and survived. 

From that day I didn’t smoke a whole entire week it was easy to not pick up another cigarette without thinking twice. Slowly the with drawls disappeared and only the past thought of missing them were the only things that kept me wishing I could smoke again.

Now I can wake up and feel good about myself knowing that the constent need of nictoine is gone. 

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