How Laser Therapy Helps to Quit Smoking

Laser therapy is a relatively new treatment that has been found to be very effective in dealing with smoking problems. After conducting an array of tests on humans and lab animals scientists have decided to take this option public. Using lasers to halt a person’s addictive nature is not a recent finding; the discovery was done in the early eighties and it was based on a fairly simple principle.

There are certain pressure points in our body, which correspond to key nerve receptors present underneath the skin. By applying pressure to these regions, one can trigger hormonal changes in his or her metabolic order. Most of the bad effects of cigarette smoking have to do with the interaction between nicotine and acetylcholine (a synaptic neurohormone). In order for this chemical interaction to reach and effectively bypass the nerve signals, applying pressure can bring about positive changes in the body. This underlying principle has been put to invaluable good use by acupuncturists, reflexologists and Shiatsu specialists, for a long time.

The method is fairly simple; a low intensity laser beam is applied on these regions and quite soon a chemical change is triggered which leads to a reduction in the number of cravings associated with the nicotine withdrawal phase. But just reducing the cravings aren’t enough to beat off the cigarette smoking habit. You must undergo behavioral therapy to beat off the intense thought of reaching out for a cigarette every time you feel uneasy or just spaced out. This behavioral therapy helps you with whatever psychological problems you might face while trying to kick the habit.

This laser treatment is very simple and has practically no side effects. Do not worry, not all therapies mean that you’ll lose your hair.

Laser therapy deals with nicotine addiction head-on so should you invest in it? The choice is yours. Laser therapy technology is generally very expensive and

investing in laser therapy means you are in for a huge financial bill. If you can afford the treatment, or if your insurance covers the therapy it may be the treatment method for you. If you are interested in going the laser therapy route but simply cannot afford it cheaper alternatives like acupuncture do exist and they prove to be just as effective.

Secondly just undergoing laser therapy for breaking your habit is not enough. Laser therapy will help beat your physical cravings for cigarettes, but your psychological problems will still exist – that is why it’s important to follow up with a psycho-therapist as well – and no that does not make you crazy.

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