How to Cure a Fast Food Addiction

Are you addicted to fast food burgers and greasy French fries? Here’s how to break an addiction to fast food before it jeopardizes your health.

Do you often find yourself dreaming of Big Macs and orders of crispy French fries? Do you automatically break for the Golden Arches? If so, you could be suffering from an addiction to fast food. Fast food restaurants have become a permanent fixture in society and although many of these restaurants such as McDonald’s are offering healthier options, others, such as Hardee’s, are moving in the other direction and promoting large burgers laden with cheese, bacon, and special sauce. It can be tempting to pull into a fast food restaurant when you’re short on time, but when it becomes a daily habit your health is bound to suffer. What can you do to break an addiction to fast food?

Slowly cut back on your visits to fast food restaurants.

An all or none approach rarely works when you’re trying to break a habit. To cure an addiction to fast food, determine how many times you’re eating it each week. One way to do this is to keep a journal for fourteen days. During that time, write down each meal you eat at a fast food restaurant. Once you have an idea how many times you’re eating at fast food restaurants, cut back by one to two visits each week. On the days you’re cutting back, pack a quick and healthy alternative. It can be as simple as fruit, a handful of nuts, and some yogurt which should provide you with a well rounded meal. Continue cutting back your fast food visits by one to two visits per week until you’ve broken the fast food habit.

Make some substitutions.

Another approach you can use to break an addiction to fast food is to bring a healthy item from home to substitute for an unhealthy fast food selection. For example, if you order French fries with your burger every day, bring along a container of fresh fruit or a salad to substitute for the fries. You’ll still be able to enjoy your hamburger but will be eating healthier and slowly weaning yourself off of greasy French fries. Don’t be surprised if you feel better within a week of doing this.

Think out of the box.

Another way to break an addiction to fast food is to explore other alternatives for grabbing a quick lunch. Grocery stores usually offer prepared foods that are a healthier than most fast food offerings. Some stores have a fresh salad bar and healthy soup options that are quick and relatively inexpensive. If you live in an area that has a Whole Foods Market, you can take advantage of their healthy hot/cold bar where you can buy a variety of hot entrees, vegetables, soup, or salad by the pound. This will be more expensive than a visit to a fast food restaurant, but isn’t your health worth it?

Don’t let an addiction to fast food get the best of your health. Take steps to cut back how much fast food you’re eating each week and discover how much better you look and feel.

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  1. I’ve tried to refrain myself from consuming too much fast food as I know it’s very unhealthy. Been quite successful with that too. :)
    Now, I just lost interest in fast food. Hahaha

  2. What turned me around from fast food is reading ‘Fast Food Nation’, if you care about the country you’ll change your eating habits!

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