How to Destroy Your Life

Video lottery terminals can do the job.

It has been said that man will destroy himself,but there only words, if he really wants to do it,all he has to do is take all his money for the next ten years and sit in front of a v.l.t. three or four days a week, buy that time or sooner, he will have lost his family, his job, and everything else he owned. After looking at the devastating effects these machines have on society i am surprised they are still here. Satistics show in my province that fifty thousand people are addicted to the v.l.t.s, and they all have families and so and so on. Its all about money, the addict is not worried wheather there is food on the table or wheather the rent is paid, and either are the people who profit from other peoples misery. They give a look good couple of million to addiction services and do god knows what with the one hundred million profit. The days of going home with a pocket full of money from the v.l.t.s are coming to an end, as the cost of everything goes up and the winners needing more and more money,they will need the v.l.t.s addicts to supply it.

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