How to Get Rid of an Addiction

Do you have an addiction? Do you need help getting rid of it?

Many people are addicted to something. Whether it is alcohol, cigarettes, video games, or carbonated beverages. You probably have found that when you don’t have these for a while, you start having withdraws. You may simply have a headache, but others who are more addicted may get splitting headaches, and start going crazy. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of you addiction.

The first step to getting rid of your addiction is to admit that you have a problem, and need help. Once you have done this, then you may seek out help from others. Having a partner or two will make getting rid of your addiction much easier.

One of the simplest, but hardest, way to get rid of your addiction is to just quit it, cold turkey. This means that you stop immediately, and never again will you ease your addiction. You WILL strongly feel the urge to satisfy your addiction, but you just got to believe in yourself. If you are really dedicated, then you will lose your addiction in a couple of weeks!

Another way that is very easy, but takes longer to do, is to reduce your portions regularly. Lets say you smoke 15 cigarettes in a week. What you should do is cut that down to, lets say, 13 a week. Then in two weeks, when your body has adjusted to this, then cut it down again. This way is very easy, as you still satisfy your addiction, so you don’t go crazy, but you still get rid of the addiction.

One very popular way to get rid of an addiction, is to join a local group with the same addiction. It is simply just easier to do something when someone else is doing it with you. You also may get motivated, making it even easier to relieve yourself of your addiction. To join one of these groups, just look them up on the internet, phone book, friend, television, etc.

Well good luck on helping yourself getting rid of your addiction.

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  1. nice piece buddy,
    i’m addicted to writing,
    how can i get rid of it?

  2. Very nice article and good advice.

  3. someone tell me how to get rid of the computer addiction?

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