How to Not Get Caught Smoking Weed

How To Not Get Caught Smoking Weed.

Alright, so you just bought your own bag of weed and you want to get high. Great. The most important part of smoking weed is not getting caught. Here are some tips that may help you a lot! First of all, whenever your smoking, ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS carry eye drops. Many of you may not know but smoking marijuana gets your eyes red. Eye drops would clear that in a minute but many say it “kills” your high. If you hate using eye drops, here little tips how you can clear some redness without eye drops.

  • Don’t Cough – Sometimes you took that big hit and you begin coughing like crazy. That actually irritates your eyes and makes them even more red.
  • Blink – When your smoking and getting high, your not really focusing on blinking. So when you don’t blink, that irritates your eyes as well but you don’t know your doing that. Try remembering and blink more then you do. I’ve tried this both methods and they worked perfectly.

Now we covered the eyes, now what about the smell? Here’s something funny about that, it doesnt stay on your clothes unless you blow right on it or your in a place where there is no air and your “hot boxing” it. If your doing that, you will need some kind of spray, AXE works or even the bathroom sprays. Now these tips are basically being careful around your parents as the other people can’t do much about it if your high.

If your doing it in your room, I suggest you make this or your head has to be out the window (joke). This is kind of a new trick and hides 90% of the smoke. Get that roll from the toilet paper and take an “X” of tape on one side. Now get those washing machine papers that you put in to make it smell good and stick 3 – 4 inside the roll. Shove them all the way in by the tape. Now when you are taking a hit, you blow into the thing and the smoke will come out from the other end (where you put tape). The smoke will come out but it wont smell like weed, trust me. What will smell is if whatever your smoking out of keeps on smoking and that will stink up. Good trick is to put enough weed to kill in 1 hit so nothing comes out of there and blow through the roll and that way your good to go.

I’ve used all this before I wrote this article and went to talk to my parents. They weren’t suspicious at all and my eyes weren’t red (didn’t cough).

If your going to go outside or what ever, here are some tips that you may know but still keep in mind.

  • Gum – your breath will smell bad, chew a piece.
  • Never take weed outside your house – If the cops search you for any reason, that will be very bad. I suggest hiding it in places where cops will never search on you or a better one, don’t take it out your house.
  • Don’t smoke in school or outside your house, not even in your car. If other people can see you that don’t know you, don’t do it.

Also, where ever you live here are the prices that usually sell for.

10 sack – 0.5 – 10$

Gram, Dub – 1.0 – 20$

Eigth, 1/8 – 3.5 – 50 – 60$

Quad, 1/4 – 7.0 – 90 – 110$

Half, 1/2 – 14.0 – around 200$

Ounce, 28 grams, – Anywhere from 300 to 500$

All prices may be different on how good the weed is. Most good dealers give more and some don’t. Find the dealer you like and buy it off him. More you’ll buy, more he’ll give you next time you buy. Enjoy!


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  1. I agree the prices you have there are very high. The averages are a bit cheaper than you have posted.

  2. those were the highest prices in the world

  3. 10bucks a g

  4. Indeed, $10 for gram. I got 5 grams for $35 for example, those prices are crazy!

  5. you guys getting the stress then cuz in cali thats what you pay for REAL medical

  6. haha, the prices look right to me, you guys are forgetting that some of us are still buying from the \”black market\”.

  7. actually they are about right once u change from american to english currency around southeast of england u cant get more than 0.5 for £10 and if u say u want an 1/8 or a 1/4 then u will usually be given a few of those .5 bags say 3 for £20 5 for £40 etc

  8. thats how much you pay for heads. mids is $20-25 an eighth

  9. prices are same to us. 20 bucks a gram. black marketingo yaw

  10. No 5 bucks a g, what yall talkin bout!

  11. 5 a g for Reggie (Regular dirt) 15-25 a g for good (kush, dro, purp)

  12. Those prices are perfect for average mids. Schwag, which is what most of you are getting, will cost around $5 a gram. Real dank weed will cost 15-25 a gram or 50-80 an 1/8. Again, it all depends on where you live, what kind of weed it is, your dealer, and if you are medical or not.

  13. Wow those prices are kind of crazy. I can only assume you live in USA or somewhere rural or something. In Canada (Southern AB) it is only $35-40 for an eighth of ridiculously good weed. I guess it all comes down to location however as when I’m in the middle of nowhere SK I’ve paid prices pretty similiar to those ones for school yard shwag. That being said it is still pretty hard to wrap your head around the fact that people actually pay $500 for an ounce.

  14. First off quality only depends on your dealer and the trust you have with him
    Second off weed price is based on location mostly
    if your in a city and its not the source =MAD PRICES
    if your in the country and you\’re near the source =GREAT DEALS

    city Ounce (28G\’s) = 300$ and up
    country Ounce = 150$ and down

    also dont think just because the price is so low its shit iv sampled medical and country Hydro is just as potent

  15. the prices are all accurate if you live in the northeast. Everyone in CA and CO are just spoiled

  16. In the carribean, i buy 1/4 pound (approx 90gr) for 80 dollars; 1 ounce is like 30 box.

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