Hypnosis Techniques to Help You Quit Smoking: Benefits

You can quit smoking undergoing different types of hypnosis techniques as well. Self hypnosis by watching some pictures or listening to something will help you beat the stress associated with leaving your smoking tendency.

Secondly; you may even consult professional hypnotherapists and undergo one or more sessions in his presence which will help you to give up smoking as well. Keep in mind your budget while deciding which plan suits you the best. Self help sessions or face to face sessions with a professional hypnotherapist can be very expensive.

What Happens After You Quit Smoking?

The immediate rewards

About twelve hours after you have had your last cigarette, your body will start the process of healing itself. The level of nicotine and carbon monoxide in your body will come down, and that will greatly benefit your lungs and your heart, which were previously jeopardized when you were in the habit of smoking. After about a week or so, you will come across noticeable changes in your body. You may improve your sense of taste and smell as well. Your breathing will become easier, and though you may experience coughing, you will, in some time, be free of most of the harmful effects of smoking.

The immediate effects

As the body begins the process of self-repair, you may actually feel worse-off without smoking. Here it’s important to remember that healing is a process which begins very soon but continues for a few weeks before reaching its destination. This is because as your body repairs you experience withdrawal physically and mentally.  The recovery process is sure to be laden with recovery pains and withdrawal symptoms. As soon as some people quit smoking, they experience some recovery symptoms, like a short-term increase in weight which may be caused due to retention of fluids. Other such symptoms are hunger, tiredness, short-temper, temporary problem in sleeping and lot of coughing. These are caused due to the clearing of nicotine from the body, which takes about two to three days on average.

Long term benefits

It is very important to remember that the long-term effects of quitting are excellent. The sooner you quit smoking, the more you can reverse the damage that you have already done to your body. Of course short-term pains of quitting will arise but as we’ve mentioned multiple times it’s important to stick with your game plan. After you quit smoking, you have a lot more days to live your life. Most importantly, your risk for smoking related illnesses like cancer decrease substantially.

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