If You are Thinking of Quitting Smoking Read This

Here I am going to give you some information about quitting smoking.

Nobody ever said it would be easy giving up smoking. First, because you are physically addicted and may have withdrawl symptoms going without a cigarette for a certain period of time. The period of tme depends upon the smoker and how long they can go without a cigarette. Also, because of habits like a cigarette with your morning cup of coffee or you light up after dinner. When you get pleasure from a cigarette and do it with something you come to count, psychologically on having a cigarette whenever you do whatever you enjoy doing with one.

If you are trying to quit smoking , whether its to save money, for your health or your spouse doesn’t like you smoking everybody has their own reason, you are not the only one. In 2010 it was found thatof adults 2/3 wanted to quit in 2009 and just a tiny bit over half tried to quit smoking.

There are several things that make it whether you will quit or not. It starts with the age you started smoking and how long you’ve been smoking. If you started smoking last year it will be a lot easier to give it up than, say, you started at 15 and you are in your 70s now because it has become too much of a habit, you’ve done it so long you might not know what to do without that cigarette inyour hand. It also depends on how much you want to quit. If you are making a half hearted attempt you will probably not succeed. You have to be full of motivation to quit.

But, blieve it or not, it is possible for everybody to quit. In fact, more and more people are quitting. Starting in the year 2002 to the year 2012, the amount of people who quit smoking numbers more than the current number of smokers.

The Surgeon General of the U.S. made a report in 2010 called “How tobacco smoke causes disease” discusses how smoking can cause almost every organ in your body to be ruined. And also causes many deadly diseases such as lung cancer or causes you to have a stroke..

Within the first few months you give up your cigarette habit, if you have high blood pressure from smoking, which a lot of people do, it will be noticeable that it went down.

In those first few months after you give up smoking your chance of heart attack and stroke will go down and go down more and more the longer you stay without smoking.

If you give up smoking for 14 and a half years your chance of lung cancer is cut in half.

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