If You Smoke I Will Give You One Million Dollars to Quit

Stop killing yourself and your loved ones with cigarettes! Cigarettes are filled with poisonous toxic chemicals that will take years off your life and affect the health of those closest to you. Don’t you feel guilty when a child gets sick because you smoke? Are you a pregnant smoker?If so you are really asking for trouble.
Start changing your life now, stop smoking and give yourself a new lease on life,your family will be proud of you.
Your sex life will improve also because you won’t gross out your partner with a bad stinky smoker’s stale breath.
Read my story and learn that quitting cold turkey is easy when you know how.

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I’m only kidding of course, no one in his right mind would give away a million dollars or expect to receive this amount for the simple act of kicking the smoking habit. However if you are a smoker the information here may show you the way to quit the filthy habit once and for all and then perhaps you will feel like a million dollars. Quitting cold turkey is not as difficult as it seems, the secret is that you have to find a good reason for quitting and then show that you are the boss and in control, not the tobacco.

Stop killing yourself with cigarettes!

Cigarettes are filled with poisonous toxic chemicals that will take years off your life.
Start changing your life now,  stop smoking and give yourself a new lease on life.

Read my story and learn that everything is easy when you know how.

How I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

 I had good reason to quit smoking .

 I had four young boys who were easily influenced when they saw dad with a cigarette in his mouth. I realized that if I didn’t quit it would be only a matter of time before all four of them would be sneaking a smoke as I did when looking back I was influenced by my own dad’s  actions.

I was a chain smoker: 50 cigarettes a day and ten small cigarellos while working as a welder in a large manufacturingy facility.

I had already tried kicking the habit a few times before but I lacked a good reason or commitment and shortly after the temptation to smoke was overwhelming.

The first time it was because of the negative effects I dwelled on that made me pamper myself with gum and candies to combat the habit and lead me to gain too much weight, this was a no no so I chose to return to my habit of smoking comforting myself to the fact that it was the lesser of two evils. I felt sorry for myself.

The second attempt didn’t last too long either; I tried to do it this time without the candies and gum but needing something to do with my coffee I started eating sumptious desserts and gained fifteen pounds.

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  1. I don’t know if I could quit smoking for 5 million dollars.

  2. A lot of help ,I’m going to try this, Thank you

  3. i need money

  4. i need money too,I ll stop smoking-i know how

  5. Thanks for the web site, I am going to try it.

    If I ever get an extra million i’ll send it to you :) … or not :)

    If I get spam I KNOW it will be U

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