Illinois Alcohol Rehab Centers: Common Signs & Symptoms of Alcoholism

Illinois Alcohol Rehab Centers have been very keen in observing signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is believed to damage the part of the brain which controls the emotions, actions and decisions. Signs of alcohol abuse are related to the effects of alcohol on organ systems.

Rehab centers diagnosed common signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction, especially mental and physical indications. Here are some common symptoms of alcoholism that can be seen to an individual who engage in excessive intake of alcohol:

  •  Trouble sleeping

First common symptom of alcoholism diagnosed on patients by Illinois Alcohol rehabs is Insomnia. Alcoholics have difficulties in sleeping or falling asleep. Due to the effect of alcohol to the brain, malfunctions may occur which affects the sleeping routine of an individual. As the urge of drinking gets worse, falling asleep or staying asleep gets more difficult. Most of alcoholics engage drinking to feel sleepy. This is believed to be the reason why most individuals suffering from insomnia end up making alcohol a solution to get some sleep.

  •  Mood Problems

Common signs of alcohol abuse are depression and anxiety. Most patients in Illinois alcohol rehabs complain of irritability and anxiety. These are caused also by the effects of alcohol to the brain. Mood problems are common to individuals who engage in alcohol, which leads them to violent behaviours, fights, police troubles, injuries and unexpected accidents. It is believed that people suffering from alcohol addiction often have mood swings and emotional problems. Individuals, especially teens, engage to drinking because of stress and anxiety. Most of the time, they cannot control unreasonable resentments and self pity.

  •  Social Misbehaviour

Due to unreasonable mood disorders, alcoholics are said to be having problems with their family and friends. Family problems are the usual and common causes of alcohol use of most individuals. These may also be the effect of too much intake of alcohol. One may engage to argue with parents and siblings because of misbehavioural patterns caused by intake of the substance. Personal relationships are devalued, guilt feelings are developed and violent behaviours are often experienced with alcoholic individuals.

Peers or friends are great influences to individuals engaged in alcohol abuse. The peer group can also be the hub of misunderstandings and problems of an individual. One may encounter fights and trouble with friends during work, classes, or even during drinking sessions. Mocks and sarcastic jokes can be reasons of violent arguments with peers, due to the sensitive feelings of each individual under the influence of alcohol. Same scenarios may be encountered in schools and offices because alcohol addicts are hot-tempered and may bring their unreasonable resentments everywhere they may be. Mood problems and social misbehaviours are the most common troubles with alcohol abuse.

  •  Health Problems

Another common symptom of alcoholism complained by patients of Illinois Alcohol Rehabs / Centers is stomach ulcer. Due to the chemical content of liquors, beers and other alcoholic beverages, individuals suffer extreme pain in the stomach. This may get worse and lead to much risky diseases like liver problems. Prolonged intake of such substance may also cause cirrhosis (inability to produce hormones and toxins).

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