Important Facts About Gradually Quitting

A nice guide for people quitting smoke.

Each and every smoker will never give up smoking so easily.  Thus they just need to do it gradually.   It is a proven method through which most smokers who are today free from this bad habit have passed by. You need to set up some goals for yourself and to ask yourself the reasons for which you want to quit and  what advantages will you benefit from when you will finally stop smoking.
For instance just let’s assume that you are having some problem concerning sex with your partner or planning of getting pregnant.  When you will be gradually quitting, you will often be tempted in smoking again.  But you need to always keep in mind that if you do smoke that one cigarette, all your hard work will be in vain.  And suppose you let go and smoke that one cigarette, the day after you will try to stop again.  So this this procedure will go on again and again and you will never quit smoking.   Therefore you should find yourself some activities to avoid being tempted.  Some activities like dating or sports.  This will keep your mind at work and will gradually help in reaching your goal.

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