It is 90 Days Without Smoking a Cigarette

I came here a time before when I said to myself and to everyone that smoking is injurious to health. I was suffering from the same addiction.

Smoking cigarette in public is already banned in my area (Himachal Pradesh, India) but I used to smoke them in my own room and I always regretted doing so but still i did it.

I remember I started the smoking in my college time when I was under the stress of my studies. I started it and it never helped me with my studies but yes it made me worse. I carried the habbit to my first job and then 2nd and then 3rd. I knew it was bad for anyone to smoke.

About three months back I thought to quit smoking and I also wrote some article here explaining how bad it is for anyone.

I came back today to tell you people that it is about 90 days now without smoking a cigarette for me.

I feel more energetic now and I am more productive now.

One has to remember that there no other substitute for the hard work, a cigarette?? complete no no.

You have to find some good reason to live longer in this world and that will inspire you to quit smoking if you have the habit. It is not that hard at least it was not hard for me.

No excuses just think about yourself and your loving one and start spending your money on something productive for you and for this society.

I eat a good food now and I have people coming my way and telling me that i have improved my health. I spend time by searching for the things which will benefit me.

The best thing in this one can do is work for yourself and improve yourself. It will reflect back in the world around you and it will also improve automatically.

In my state even the tobacco, guthka is also getting banned w

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