Kalki The Smoker

Kalki koechlin now is not a cigrratte smoker…..



Her smoking habit for a while……. she were trying to get rid of, now they have had success in this work. Dev D, Satan, would not life again, and his acting talent in films like That Girl hit by the Yellow Boots Kalki to Anurag Kashyap’s new challenge is that they also give off smoke. Kalki says that her husband Anurag is a chain smoker, so it is also very important to give up cigarettes. Kalki took it like  a challenge. Kalki about quitting your smoking that have hardly been able to overcome the addiction. However Kalki also say that they quit the force of passion can not. In this effort can succeed only when they too will struggle to quit. Kalki says something about the cigarette not even checking now. They are determined. One who decides, he lives by. 


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  1. Children need role models who don’t smoke to set an example.

  2. good share about children smoking!

  3. good article

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