Kratom A B C’s

An introduction and review of knowledge regarding the respected herb "Kratom."

Although Kratom originated in central Thailand, at the present time it is illegal in that specific country.  In August of 1943 the Thai Government passed, “The Kratom Act 2486,” which makes planting the tree illegal and existing trees must be cut down.   Kratom is classed in the same category as cocaine and heroin.  If a person gets caught with only an ounce of Kratom it is punishable by death!  It is a controlled substance in Thailand, Australia, Denmark and Poland.  It is a schedule 5 drug of the Narcotics act (1979) and is in the same categories as Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms in Thailand and other countries.

Kratom is legal in the United States as well as all of Europe.  It is an unscheduled substance and available over the Internet.  There is little documentation regarding the usage of Kratom in the United States and it currently remains unmonitored by national drug abuse surveys.  In Canada, Kratom has not been approved by Health Canada for human consumption and it currently is not in the eyes of the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act so it remains highly unregulated.  Kratom/Mitragyna Speciosa is a leaf that has been traditionally harvested for its medicinal properties.  It contains several alkaloids and it has morphine like properties that act on various receptors of the brain, mainly the opioid receptors.  It is believed to be addictive if abused.  Daily users of Kratom can develop dependency similar to that of opiate addiction, however the withdrawals from Kratom are said to be substantially shorter and much less severe.

Kratom/Mitragyna Speciosa is available in a variety of forms and strains.  A person must experiment a few times with Kratom to figure out which type to take and their dosage in order to obtain their desired effects.  Everyone is different and react differently to Kratom so there are no specific instructions on what kind or how much to take.  If a person reads enough on the Internet they will be able to get a guideline to start with.  There is always plenty of information on the vendor’s websites regarding their product, you can use a search engine or use forums to find a wealth of  information on the plant.  In the forums people discuss their own personal experiences, their recipes and you can get questions answered.  Someplace on their website or on packaging most vendor’s will label their product as not sold for human consumption.  It shows that it is sold as incense.  This is basically a precaution and means of protection for your vendor.  It is inappropriate to ask your vendor questions about taking Kratom orally or anything to do with consuming it.  It is better to ask questions at a forum and get your answers there,  or use the other suggestions listed above.  Don’t take it personally, they all do it and that is just the way it’s set up. 

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