Lawsuit British Anonymous-hackers Year Postponed

Four Britons have been arrested on suspicion of hacking and "member" of Anonymous, are not yet tried. Their trial was postponed until November 2012. The British police would need more time for research.

There was not enough evidence collected, reports The Guardian, so it would have been necessary for the trial to be postponed one year.

The lawsuit was supposed to start this month, but the four Brits have until November 7, 2012 before the court. The men, aged between 17 and 26 years old, accused of conspiracy: they were part of the loosely associated Anonymous hacked computers.

The suspects may await their trial in freedom, although there are some conditions: at least two of them on the Internet may not use  their nicknames on the internet and IRC channels of Anonymous are limits to them. Besides the proceedings against the four men whose trial is delayed, there are processes in the UK prepared against six other suspects Anonymous hackers.

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