Living on Welfare

Taking Advantage of the Welfare System.

In The city where I live it is a known fact that so many people are living off welfare a large percentage of these people collecting welfare are Severe drug addicts there are also a large majority of Young single Mothers that struggle to raise their child alone

It seems very easy these days to be a recipient of welfare and let society support you and all it takes is filling out a few forms and following the necessary steps to claim your welfare check

I’d like to see a few changes made to the welfare system that makes it a bit more difficult for some people to easily get free money instead of truly trying to better themselves and get a job

I think a better approach would be for the government to initiate a system that enforces welfare recipients to get trained in and educated make them enroll in training courses and seek counselling for their drug addiction before they receive welfare money

they should have to submit to a drug and alcohol test each month and prove that they are obtaining skills that allow them to gain employment by making it too easy for people to collect welfare it puts a burden on the hard working people that support the welfare system and keeps taxes high

There are people who do truly need help and assistance and the welfare system is there to help them but there are many that are truly using the system to their advantage and not trying to better their lives in any manner at all these are the people that concern me because alot of them can work but choose not to and do what ever they possibly can to live off the welfare system many of them also resort to crime stealing robbing and other criminal activities.

but until the goveernment is willing to make the necessary changes for the betterment of all then I can’t see much change in the welfare system

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  1. You have some nice ideas. Maybe you should send them to your government.

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