Macaulay Culkin Death

Macaulay Culkin Death.

Home Alone is in the news again for a terrible reason. Very disturbing stories have began rapidly circulating the Internet and media regarding the sudden death of Macaulay Caulking.

According to most of the reports regarding Macaulay Caulking death, the Hollywood star died as a result of a heroin overdose. Other reports indicate that Macaulay Cullin’s death was as a result of complications resulting from heroin addiction. Macaulay Cullin’s death news has spread all over the Internet like wildfire.

But the sad thing about all this is that the young actor is very much alive. Macaulay Caulking is not dead. He is alive. The only part of the rumors surrounding the Home alone boy’s death is the fact that he is indeed addicted to heroin, which was exposed by the controversial US tabloid The National Enquirer. The National Enquirer said that Macaulay Cullin’s death would come to pass if he did not seek help quick. The tabloid said that the Home Alone Boy has only about six months to live before he dies from his addiction to heroin.

The National Enquirer published a story with the shocking title: “Home Aline’s Star Macaulay Caulking Addicted To Heroin With Only 6 Months To Live” As could be imagined, this story shocked the world. The actor’s spokesperson strongly debunked the statement saying that the story was totally ridiculous. Macaulay Caulking himself has not come out openly to deny the allegations against him. However the US tabloid is standing by their story as they believe they have strong evidence to support their claim.

The tabloid even challenged the Home Alone Boy to go for a drug test to see who was lying. It was also revealed that Macaulay Caulking spends a shocking amount of $6000 every month to fuel his addiction to drugs. I have a strong feeling that the story published by the National Enquirer just might be true because this same publication published such stories on celebrities like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson before their deaths.

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