Macaulay Culkin is Not Dead

Dont worry people our childhood hero has not left us.

We have just experience the latest in Internet rumours growing out of control that prove to be absolutely fake. I am very pleased to report that the Home Alone star is very much alive. Any childhood star always struggles as they grow up and often turn to darker forms of partying that provide them with the excitement they require, after all how could you deal with be a multimillionaires before you were a teenager. These rumours seem to have come about because of his supposed heroin addiction 

Having had struggles in his personal life, breaking up with Portman last year people have theorised that he has been on a downward spiral ever since, but there is no evidence to suggest as much, the skinny pictures of him flying around could just as easily be for a part he is after all an actor by trade. Of course we will never know if the star of our favourite Christmas films has turned to heroin but we will all be wishing he doesn’t go the way of some of our other favourite stars.

Having had a drug related death of a relative it would be a hard thing to accept for all those of that know and love the star that he was involved and as addicted as many people would have us believe, we have to remember that there is a horrible human characteristics that leads to the unfair downfall of celebrities

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