Macaulay Culkin Stars “Home Alone” Dies After Six Months

Macaulay Culkin stars "HOME ALONE" Dies After Six Months.

Macaulay Culkin made ​​a sensational news after some sources say that the stars of ‘Home Alone’ it only had six months to live due to heroin addiction.

Reporting from the Inquisitr, ex-girlfriend Mila Kunis are reportedly spending U.S. $ 6000 per month for drugs. He also reportedly moved to Manhattan to celebrate drug free. Macaulay Culkin looks pale and frail as he was caught on camera for the first time after it was rumored that he was addicted to heroin. He also seemed very concerned.

Daily Mail has published photographs of the actor is seen holding her stomach and staggered toward the bushes, then grab the leaves and it looks like he vomited on the spot.

In the end, though it looks sick, the actor who is also a DJ it looks spit into the bushes, before finally smoked and walked to his car.

The actor is widely rumored that only had six months to live due to drug abuse. Another source also said that Macaulay Culkin addicted to heroin and oxycodone.

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  1. How sad. He was very talented. Another childhood actor gone bad.

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