Make a Decision to Quit The Smokes

About deciding to quit smoking.

When you finally had enough, it is time to make the decision.  It is time to put down the cigarettes.  We all know that is not an easy thing to do, especially after years of smoking.

A honest decision has to be made to quit.  Having a cigarette here and there is not the way to do it.  Having a smoke here and there leads to having a smoke everytime just like before.

People do try the many quitting products that are out there like the chewing gums and nicotine patches.  I find it best to quit all at once.  I tried the patches and found myself smoking while having the patch on.  Then I tried having a cigarette every so often to cut back, but when things got stressful there was no more cutting back.

A person does have to find a good reason to quit or just get really tired of it.  For me they are getting to my health and they cost too much.  I can’t see paying over five dollars for a pack a cigarettes a day just to give myself lung problems.

I’ve been smoking for twenty years and feel better when the cigarettes aren’t filling up my lungs.

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  1. Thats awesome dude. Healthy living is the way to go!

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