Meth Abuse and Its Pitfalls

Problems with meth abuse.

  Methamphetamine abuse is a growing problem in America. The use of meth has ruined lives of the users and their families. Its use breeds criminal conduct and anti social behaviour. It causes broken families and broken lives. Physical and mental problems are common. Families watch as their loved ones slip into a state of unrelenting hell.

  Meth has been around for years. The military administered it to soldiers in World War 2 to fight off sleep. For many years doctors prescribed it as a weight loss drug. In the 70’s meth started surfacing as a street drug. At the time, it was obtained from doctors for weight loss. In the mid 70’s clandestine labs started to emerge. No one really paid attention. At that time, the routes of administration were orally and intravenously. During the 80’s cocaine became the popular drug and meth stayed in the background. Sometime in the late 80’s or early 90’s Users discovered that they could smoke it.

  Now days, millions of people smoke, inject and eat meth. The problems with smoking meth start in the mouth. The acidity of the drugs along with the lack of proper hygiene causes major tooth decay. Tooth loss is a problem. Breathing difficulties are common from inhaling the meth vapors. The drugs vapors damage the lungs. Meth can aggravate asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and other lung diseases. Criminal conduct to obtain the meth is also a major concern, including Identity theft, robbery, prostitution and theft. Meth induced psychosis is experienced by some. It causes bizarre and abnormal behaviors.

  Injecting meth has dangers relating to infections and circulatory problems. Abscesses are common in iv users. Abscesses can lead to amputations of limbs and cardiac infections. Brain aneurysms are experienced from the spike in blood pressure caused by the drug. Impurities left in by amateur chemists that produce the drug can damage the liver, kidneys and heart. Meth ruins your health family and life.

  Methamphetamine abuse is a tragedy. To see a healthy vibrant person wither up into a skinny frail, psychotic hermit with a vacant look in there eyes is heartbreaking, especially if it is a family member. Help is possible, but the cycle of abuse has to be broken before recovery can begin.





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