Mind Tricks to Help You Quit Smoking

Despite the money spent and the methods employed to end smoking for good, many people find it next to impossible to quit a habit so entrenched with their lifestyles. Through the years, the body has become dependent on the chemical nature of burning tobacco. But smoking isn’t just a physical addiction as much as that addiction begins in the mind.

How you think about your habits and the approaches you take determines how successful you will be to break unwanted habits. While books have been written about the various methods to help you quit your dependence on nicotine, few ever consider the part the mind plays in breaking bad habits.

The mind plays an important role in helping to overcome most any addiction. If you can’t quit, it may be because you have a strong belief that you can’t quit. After all, you’ve tried several methods and none worked, so your negative about the next program you might try. A negative belief sets you up for failure well before you even try that next program.

One of the main reasons why you can’t quit is your instinctive reaction to the problem. It’s seldom based on reason or your ability to quit the habit. You react to stimuli without thought. The stimuli is entrenched into your subconsciously so you react by lighting up without any thought. You just formulate triggers that create the urge to reach for a cigarette.

Peer pressure is often the single reason why so many cultivate the habit in first place. Smoking is often considered as macho in high school and college, but many a baby boomer still smokes long after te peer pressure has disappeared.

Despite the insistence that many claim in quitting the habit, the reality is that quitting isn’t a high priority. They make promises, but there’s just too much else that need to be addressed. The pursuit of wealth is far more real than the prospect that cancer and heart disease may lie in the future. If you knew that a year from now you would be experiencing excruciating pain due to cancer, you’d be far more motivated to quit.

Denial is common among smokers. They feel they don’t have a pack-a-day problem. Many simply surrender to the habit in the belief that they don’t have the discipline it takes to refuse the next cigarette. But denial only etches the habit deeper into the subconscious. The refusal to admit only adds to self-defeating behavior. What many smokers don’t realize is that their self-defeating behavior extends to life itself. They begin to believe that they can’t advance in their careers, can’t have happy marriages and can’t find happiness.

Associating with a group who have similar interests helps to increase your self-confidence and greatly increase the chances that you will quit smoking. Group participation has power to overcome habits, be they alcohol, smoking or weight loss.

The human mind is capable of so much. You can use it to cultivate a can-do attitude or cultivate negative thinking habits. In a world filled with negativity, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. In fact, the human psyche is capable of far more than is generally believed.

Few people ever consider that meditation can be extremely helpful in quitting undesirable habits. The ability to relax calms the mind so you can see the false thoughts and ideas that keep you from breaking your habit for good. It can help you understand why you smoke. It can provide you with real solutions that can help you get rid of the weed for good.

All of the above factors have nothing to do with pills, plans and patches. The power to quit starts in your mind. Learn to cultivate that power and you’ll not only stop smoking, but you’ll be a better success through life.

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