No Smoking, be Happy, The Application to Help You Quit Smoking

Veronesi Foundation and Pfizer Foundation have launched the application "No smoking be happy" for iPhone and Pod Touch, downloadable from the Apple Store Tuesday, especially for those who want to quit smoking.

According, the application consists of two sections: No Smoking and Be Happy.

The first section allows users to be kept informed of all initiatives and Be Happy No Smoking campaign on anti-smoking centers nearby. Also in this section are tips on how and why to quit smoking.

The second section, Be Happy, will assist during abandonment vice smoker, considering the progress made since the day he decided to quit smoking, the physical benefits obtained in this time, by removing toxic substances assimilated by smoke, save money, to the elimination of passive smoking.

Everything will be visible through graphic simulation, which will allow recognition of the benefits experienced while the body, changes in terms of appearance, starting from the day the user has the power to quit smoking.

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  1. you save money not smoking..its a no brainer! plus more $$ from the medical side of it! Plus _ Yes You will be happy! good article !

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