Peanut Medicinal Uses

Some people have reported that the eating of raw peanut has cured them of jaundice. However, this has not been studied extensively.


(Arachis hypogaea) Groundnut or Peanut is an annual that belongs to the plant family Leguminosae or Fabaceae. Unlike other members of the plant family, the peanut pods develop underground or in the soil. The plant is a small, more or less prostrate herb with spreading branches, 30-80 cm. long and slightly hairy. The leaves, 8-12 cm. long, are in 2 or 3 pairs, petioled, with each leaflet being oblong or obovate and 2-5 cm. long. A few yellow flowers, 8 mm. long emerge from the leaf axils. After pollination, the flower stalks respond positively to the geotropic force and the ovaries are forced into the soil where they will develop into 2-4 seeded pods or peanuts which are commercialized everywhere in the world.

Parts Used: Peanuts and the fresh cold-pressed peanut oil


Medicinal Use

  • For lactating mothers
  • Malnutrition, tuberculosis and general weakness
  • Hemorrhoids or piles
  • Otalgia or pain in the ears
  • Removes spots from the face, and heals chapped lips

How to Use
Some people have reported that the eating of raw peanut has cured them of jaundice. However, this has not been studied extensively.

  • The eating of raw nuts increases the supply of milk in nursing mothers.
  • Eating peanuts helps in cases of malnutrition, tuberculosis and general weakness.
  • Externally used, the fresh cold-pressed peanut oil is applied in hemorrhoids or piles.
  • Introducing a few drops of fresh peanut oil in the ears helps in cases of otalgia or pain in the ears.
  • The same fresh oil removes spots from the face and heals chapped lips.

Caution: Peanuts are not recommended for those who suffer from arthritis and people with weak stomachs.

To know more on how to prepare and use herbs, visit How to Use Plant Material as Medicine

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