Pray Before You Spray

Imagine this: You have a cold, coughing all night, can’t get any rest. The most annoying part about it is the fact that you can’t breathe through your nose.

Cold medicines are effective for reducing the time of your symptoms; however, they take hours to start working and don’t fully relieve you of what’s wrong. There is one alternative, which is also very effective but its results are immediate. This miracle remedy, nasal spray.

Nasal spray is avaliable over the counter at any drug store these days, even at most gas stations. One spray in each nostril will open your breathing passages within seconds. However, is it safe? Nasal spray drug makers contend that it is completely safe to use, as long as you use it for no longer than three days. Most cold symptoms last longer than three days though.

As a person that has been hooked on using nasal spray every day for nearly nine years, I must warn people of the dangers of this medicine. After three days of usage, your body begins to get accustomed to having the spray in its system. Though many medical professionals claim that nasal spray is not addictive, I beg to differ. At first, I used it as directed during my initial illness in 1999. Soon, I couldn’t stop. Twice a day usage became three times a day, then four, then five. At the worst of my addiction, I was using up to sixty sprays a day, SIXTY. Can you imagine using a medicine sixty times each day? The worst part was that I couldn’t stop. I needed it in my system to function on a daily basis.

Nasal spray works as a steroid on the inside of your nose. The spray opens your nasal passages which allows more air to flow through. As the effects of the spray wear off, the passages return to their normal size, which was the problem in the first place. Imagine waking up at night and not being able to get any oxygen through your nose. It’s probably comparable to being thrown into a rushing river when you can barely swim. You wake up in a state of panic, scrambling to find the medicine that can stop this horrible feeling within a matter of a few seconds. I live this experience several times a week merely because I am addicted to the effects of nasal spray.

While there is no definite number as to how many people suffer from some sort of addiction to nasal spray, there have been estimates between 20-50 million Americans that are dependent on this substance. Based on the latter number in those figures, that’s aproximately 1 in every 6 people in this country. The medical profession sees no danger in using nasal spray if used as directed. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to use at all without getting addicted to the effects of this medicine.

If you have a cold and are thinking about using nasal spray to relieve your stuffy nose, think twice. You could very easily become just another one of the millions of Americans that are addicted. Before you spray, pray that you won’t get hooked.

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