Quitting Smoking Can Reduce This Risk

Quitting smoking can reduce this risk.

Smoking habit was hard to stop. It seems pleasures offered nicotine and tar is so dominating. And because it’s Many underestimate the health risks it causes. This is because the harmful effects are not felt directly.

Not only damage the health of the heart and lungs, a new study reveals smoking also trigger the risk of bleeding in the brain, bleeding is caused by an aneurysm, a bulge in a weakened arteries. If the aneurysm is ruptured, leaking blood into the brain very possible. This condition can even lead to permanent disability.

Those who suffered a brain hemorrhage, winning average daily cigarette consumption. Especially for smokers with a family history of diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure, a higher risk of bleeding. That is three-fold, compared to those who never smoked.

Quitting smoking can reduce this risk, to 59 percent, Actually, the short-term effects of smoking that often arises is the increase in blood pressure. But many people consider it trivial. In fact, high blood pressure can increase the risk of bleeding in the brain

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