Rogaine Foam: Possible Health Problems

If you’ve ever wanted to use Rogaine foam then you should read this article. You will learn about four problems that some people experience when they use Rogaine foam.

Hair loss is something that many men will have to deal with at some point in their lifetimes. However, there are new treatments available such as Rogaine foam that may help some individuals regrow their hair. However, there are potentially dangerous side effects that you may want to consider before you start using this product.

It’s Flammable

Apparently, Rogaine foam is extremely flammable. So be sure to store it in a safe place that is far away from any flames. You will also want to avoid being near any types of flames after you apply the Rogaine foam to your scalp (welders beware). You don’t have to avoid flames for too long, but wait until the foam has had a chance to dry.

When you apply the foam to your scalp, it will cause your hair to look a bit oily. But after it dries, the oiliness will dissipate. You can then comb your hair or do whatever it is that you would normally do.

Weight Gain

Unfortunately, Rogaine foam can cause weight gain in some people. Not everyone will experience weight gain, but if you do then stop using it. It’s also advisable that you contact your doctor, and inform him/her about your dilemma. Your doctor may be able to give you something else that will work just as well or better than Rogaine foam.

Chest Pain

Another problem with Rogaine foam is that it can cause chest pain, faintness, a rapid heartbeat, or dizziness with some people. Again, stop using it and contact your doctor if this occurs. In fact, if you have heart disease then you should definitely ask your doctor for permission to use this product. After all, it’s better to go bald then have a heart attack and die right?

Your Hair May Change in Appearance

Some people state that their hair has changed in appearance after they have used Rogaine foam. Basically, the texture of the hair and the color might change. This could be a good or a bad thing for you. But at least you’ll have your hair back. Even if it is slightly different.

As you can see, using Rogaine foam can cause problems. Some of these issues are more serious than others so be careful. If you experience any of these problems (minus the hair changing appearance), then you should probably stop using Rogaine foam. But don’t be afraid to give Rogaine foam a try if you think you’ll be okay, or better yet, if your doctor says it’s safe for you to use.

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  1. I tried this, then realized the smell bothered me. It didn’t wash off right away. Smelled like a hair salon. I looked at the label and it has a toluene derivative and butane in it. We are talking petrochemicals. I am not using that on my body. Who cares abou hair loss. This is pollution on your scalp. It’s not for me. I might look at the non foaming stuff. But I realized this is maintenance therapy 2x a day for the rest of your life. So I may not try the other stuff at all.

  2. hi i was using minexodil and i have now hair in unwanted place i stopped using minexodil right away does his extra hair will go or not plz reply

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