How to prevent substance abuse,whether taken by the famous or the ordinary.How to save our young generation from the clutches of this poisonous serpent?

Whether it is  a celebrity’s son or some other youngster,the tentacled clutches of drug abuse is extending it’s long arm everywhere.The young people are the first  victims to be caught in its vicious trap,they get drawn into it’s magnetic field and later get strangulated by the vicious arm of substance abuse Victims whose life  are being abused with drug overdose or prescription is really heart breaking.How are we going to touch these island of loneliness and tell them that there are still people to share their desperation and depression. Medicines and drugs are not going to reduce  their loneliness or desperation,but just going to snuff the precious gift of life out of them.Half the world is in need of love but the other half doesn’t care,they are busy with their selfish motives and pursuits.If half the world made a  sincere attempt with full heart and soul to win the needy and the outcast,the world would become a better place for the meek and lonely.The spontaneous flow of love can work wonders to help to overcome any weakness of another human being.

English: Drug overdose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Drug overdose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If there is a will for the one half to reach out to the lonely and the left out, there will be less of drug abuse and overdose for this other half.When we were created by our maker we were not created to be selfish lagoons but rivers of flowing grace and love.When we forget this basic rule and live a life of self deception, our fellow human beings end their life in depression and dejection.The world is increasingly becoming self centered,so that  love for your brother is replaced with conceit,and self sufficiency.This self sufficiency is acquired by a vast majority  by excessive use of medicine,drugs and alcohol.The worst enemy of the human being is the” devil’s pee” called alcohol,but substance abuse also is another  evil that rob human beings of their dignity and self respect.

How are we going to save the future generation from the clutches of this evil  brute?The first step is to make relationship more stronger through selfless love.Form groups that will work with full heart to find the depressed,defeated and the down trodden and give them a lending hand to save themselves from the clutches of substance abuse.We can all spend a few minutes with lonely and desperate and fill them with love and acceptance to tide over their personal shortcomings.Voluntary groups that will teach these unfortunate victims  to overcome their mental tension should be opened and they should be made available 24 hours as helpline or on line guidance cells that could be reached trough social net work sites or call centers with minimum fuss and easy regulations.If one person can be saved by group effort or medical attention given in time, we will be less guilty about our brothers  death before our maker.So let us join together to tell the lonely,afflicted and desperate that we care for them,and are available to share their distress.Then there will be no more sorrows that should be ending in medical overdose and subsequent deaths.

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